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Alex Sánchez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the chaos in Jason's home during the Christmas break as described in Chapter 16?
(a) His father refuses to stay at home.
(b) His father and uncle fight due to alcohol consumption.
(c) His father is too drunk to go to church.
(d) His father and grandmother argue.

2. How does Jason's mother react when Jason's father breaks his stereo?
(a) She does nothing.
(b) She cries.
(c) She criticizes him and takes Jason out to dinner.
(d) She laughs.

3. Who does Kyle ask to attend a high school basketball game with him in Chapter 20?
(a) His father.
(b) Nelson.
(c) Jack.
(d) Jason.

4. Why does Shea suggest Nelson has begun talking to an older man over the Internet?
(a) To make Kyle jealous.
(b) To make up for not having a father.
(c) To look for sexual experience.
(d) To meet new people.

5. To whom does Brick reveal the apartment really belongs after his encounter with Nelson in Chapter 15?
(a) His boyfriend.
(b) His parents.
(c) His brother.
(d) His uncle.

6. Who comes to Jason's home in Chapter 22 to repair their relationship?
(a) Debra.
(b) Jack.
(c) Kyle.
(d) Nelson.

7. On whose side does Nelson fall when Kyle tells Nelson about Jason's refusal to allow Kyle to sit with him in the cafeteria?
(a) Kyle's.
(b) Neither.
(c) Jason's.
(d) Both.

8. For what reason does Kyle find Jason depressed and alone in his home at the end of Chapter 20?
(a) Jason is humiliated that everyone at school now knows he is gay.
(b) Jason is heartbroken that Debra no longer wants to be friends.
(c) Jason's mother has asked him to move out.
(d) Jason's father has left the family.

9. How does Jason's father feel about this scholarship?
(a) He is indifferent.
(b) He is proud.
(c) He thinks Jason could have done better.
(d) He thinks Jason did as well as he could.

10. What does Jason teach Kyle to do in Chapter 14?
(a) Throw paper balls into the trash basket.
(b) Catch a tossed ball.
(c) Bat a paper ball.
(d) Dribble a basketball.

11. Why is Nelson in a hurry to have a sexual experience?
(a) He wants to impress Kyle with his experience.
(b) He is bored.
(c) He feels sex will make him more mature.
(d) He thinks love and sex are the same thing.

12. For what reason does Nelson reveal his mother has grounded him in Chapter 17?
(a) For taking the car without permission.
(b) For drinking.
(c) For disappearing the night he met Brick.
(d) For smoking in the house.

13. For what reason does Jason tell Debra he can no longer be with her?
(a) He just does not love her anymore.
(b) He is gay.
(c) He thinks he is bisexual.
(d) He is in love with someone else.

14. For the first time, with whom does Jason stop to talk in the hallway at school in Chapter 22?
(a) Debra.
(b) Corey.
(c) Nelson.
(d) Kyle.

15. Who is Dane?
(a) Shea's brother.
(b) Brick's boyfriend.
(c) Blake's ex-boyfriend.
(d) Kyle's ex-best friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kyle tell Jason the fight began?

2. Who visits Jason's home during the Christmas holiday?

3. What happens in chapter 18 when Nelson tries to contact Brick?

4. What changes in Jason and Kyle's relationship in Chapter 20 after the fight between Nelson and Kyle and Jack and Jose?

5. Why does Kyle go to see Nelson in Chapter 17?

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