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Alex Sánchez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-One (Nelson).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what is Fenner Farley opposed in Chapter 11?
(a) The GSA.
(b) Nelson in general.
(c) Bullying in schools.
(d) PFLAG.

2. What does Kyle suddenly realize about Nelson at the end of Chapter 11?
(a) That he has a crush on Kyle.
(b) That he has a crush on Jason.
(c) That he is lonely.
(d) That he misses his father.

3. For what reason does Jason tell Debra he can no longer be with her?
(a) He thinks he is bisexual.
(b) He just does not love her anymore.
(c) He is gay.
(d) He is in love with someone else.

4. What makes Jason think he might be gay, or possibly bisexual?
(a) Fear of intimacy with his girlfriend.
(b) Dreams about naked men.
(c) An attraction to Nelson.
(d) Thoughts of Kyle.

5. What causes the chaos in Jason's home during the Christmas break as described in Chapter 16?
(a) His father is too drunk to go to church.
(b) His father and grandmother argue.
(c) His father and uncle fight due to alcohol consumption.
(d) His father refuses to stay at home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Jason's mother recently begun to refuse to buy for Jason's father?

2. Where does Kyle have a picture of Jason he often looks at?

3. Who is applying to colleges, as discussed in Chapter 6?

4. Why does Jason want to have intimate relations with his girlfriend?

5. What does Kyle say makes him feel like an alien?

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