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Alex Sánchez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eighteen (Nelson).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jason think his friends would not be supportive if he came out as gay to them?
(a) They bully kids like Nelson.
(b) They are self-centered and would worry how it would look to others.
(c) They make gay jokes.
(d) They are afraid of things they do not understand.

2. What nickname do the kids at school have for Nelson?
(a) Nelly.
(b) Nels.
(c) Sonny.
(d) Shelly.

3. What does Nelson think Kyle should do at school in Chapter 8?
(a) Skip his classes.
(b) Ask a girl to the movies.
(c) Paint a picture of Jason.
(d) Ask Jason out to the movies.

4. What word does Kyle's mother use to describe Nelson?
(a) Happy.
(b) Artistic.
(c) Odd.
(d) Creative.

5. What does Kyle say makes him feel like an alien?
(a) His braces.
(b) His friendship with Nelson.
(c) His thinning hair.
(d) His acne.

Short Answer Questions

1. When doers Kyle first realize he is different from other boys his age?

2. What overwhelming emotion does Kyle's mother admit to feeling in the aftermath of learning about his sexuality?

3. What special treat does Kyle do for his parents after school in Chapter 8?

4. What is Nelson searching for as his mother rushes him to get to school in Chapter 6?

5. What argument does Ms. MacTrough give for the approval of the GSA?

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