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Alex Sánchez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Fifteen (Nelson).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kyle's father show him when he gets home in Chapter 2?
(a) Tickets to the Redskins game the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
(b) Tickets to an amusement park.
(c) Tickets to Cats.
(d) Tickets to the circus.

2. With whom does Nelson leave the Rainbow Youth party in Chapter 12?
(a) Jeremy.
(b) Kyle.
(c) Brick.
(d) Blake.

3. For what reason does Jason tell Debra he can no longer be with her?
(a) He thinks he is bisexual.
(b) He is in love with someone else.
(c) He just does not love her anymore.
(d) He is gay.

4. Why does Jason not want to end his relationship with Debra despite his feelings he might be gay?
(a) He is afraid of what his father will think.
(b) He likes her too much.
(c) He is afraid of what people will say.
(d) He does not want to hurt her.

5. What is a brownstone?
(a) A geological artifact.
(b) A type of building.
(c) Slang for gravel.
(d) A type of precious stone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Nelson in a hurry to have a sexual experience?

2. To what is Fenner Farley opposed in Chapter 11?

3. What kind of organization does Debra say Nelson wants to start at the high school?

4. Who does Corey say he heard was running for queen of the dance in Chapter 7?

5. What does Kyle's mother find on the floor of Kyle's room in Chapter 8?

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