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Alex Sánchez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen (Jason).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nelson say is the purpose of the new club he and Kyle want to start at the high school?
(a) To promote tolerance.
(b) To provide dating services for all students.
(c) To give gays a social outlet.
(d) To raise money for athletic clubs.

2. Who is Caitlin?
(a) Kyle's cousin.
(b) Nelson's cousin.
(c) Shea's girlfriend.
(d) Blake's girlfriend.

3. What is one of the nicknames students have for Ms. MacTrough?
(a) Big Mac.
(b) Small Mac.
(c) Macky.
(d) Mac Nation.

4. Where does Kyle go for some privacy in Chapter 8?
(a) A park across from Jason's house.
(b) The library.
(c) Nelson's.
(d) The family car.

5. What question does Kyle fail to answer in the parking lot after school when he and Nelson are approached by a small group of people?
(a) Whether he is gay.
(b) Whether he is a member of the Rainbow Youth.
(c) Whether he is Nelson's friend.
(d) Whether he wants to join the GSA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the principal ask Nelson to do about his behavior?

2. Why does Jason not want to talk about what happened between he and Kyle in the theater?

3. In what subject does Kyle offer to tutor Jason in Chapter 5?

4. What does Kyle say is the cause of his sexuality?

5. What did Jason think would happen if someone saw him holding hands with Kyle in the movie theater?

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