Daily Lessons for Teaching Rainbow Boys

Alex Sánchez
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One (Jason))


Chapter One (Jason)

This novel deals with the theme of sexual identity in high school age students. The objective of this lesson is to focus on theme.


1) Class Discussion: This novel deals with the themes of sexual identity. In this novel, three young men struggle with their sexual identity as homosexuals. Discuss with students what it means to be homosexual, what misconceptions most people have about homosexuals, and how being homosexual might impact a young person in high school.

2) Essay/discussion: Define theme. Ask students to discuss in an essay or with a partner the purpose of theme in a novel. Ask students to discuss how theme is used in a plot and the impact of theme on the plot development.

3) Group Work: Divide students into groups. Students will remain in these groups for the remainder of the study of the novel. Ask each group...

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