Rainbow Boys Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alex Sánchez
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Chapter One (Jason)

• Jason Carillo has had doubts about his sexuality. For this reason, he calls a gay teen hotline that advises him to attend a Rainbow Youth meeting.

• Jason arrives at the meeting after putting it off for several weeks.

• Jason is shocked to see two boys he knows from high school at the meeting.
• Jason speaks to Kyle and Jason, but is shocked to realize that Kyle is gay.

• Jason becomes more and more self-conscious as the meeting begins.

• Jason leaves the meeting in a rush, embarrassed that Kyle or Nelson might tell people at school he was there.

Chapter Two (Kyle)

• Kyle is surprised to see Jason at the Rainbow Youth meeting.

• Kyle has had a crush on Jason for years and is suddenly filled with hope that he might be gay.
• Kyle is comfortable in the knowledge that he is gay, but he has...

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