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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Macphail view Davidson?

2. Who spends time talking with Thompson?

3. What fascinates Davidson?

4. Macphail looks forward to the return of which of the following?

5. What is offered to Thompson?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Macphail's visit to the governor.

2. What is the main activity in the house over the next four days?

3. What is the purpose and plan surrounding Thompson's plea to Macphail?

4. How does Macphail respond to the weather?

5. What are Macphail's thoughts regarding the confession?

6. Describe Thompson's physical change during this time.

7. Describe the encounter between Thompson and the other women. What is the result of Thompson's actions?

8. How has Davidson's opinion of Thompson changed? Why?

9. What is Macphail's reaction to the interaction between Davidson and Thompson?

10. What is Davidson's new proclamation regarding Thompson and her character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were several initial opinions of Thompson given by various characters. Discuss the opinions of each. Which was the most accurate? Was the opinion based on fact, intuition, or prejudice? Do you think Thompson was aware of these opinions? If so, what did she think?

Essay Topic 2

Rain obviously plays a large part in the story. Explain Maugham's use of rain and related metaphors. How did the rain affect the various characters in the story? What might have changed if the weather had been more agreeable? How did the weather affect the future of the travelers? How did it affect the personalities and moods of the characters? How are you affected by prolonged bouts of rain?

Essay Topic 3

Thompson is clearly a manipulative and powerful woman. Examine the woman's motives. Why do you think she was on the island? What is her back story? What was the crime she committed in San Francisco? What was the right decision made by the governor in regards to the deportation? What might happen to Thompson in the near future?

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