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Short Answer Questions

1. How many principal characters have been introduced to date?

2. Thanks to the Davidsons, what type of values are attributed to the island natives?

3. What is the occupation of Alec Macphail?

4. What region is designated for the Davidsons?

5. Who lives above the store?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe briefly how the Davidsons met.

2. What invitation is issued after the matter is settled?

3. What do the travelers soon learn about accommodations?

4. Briefly describe the personality of Dr. Macphail.

5. What is the basis of the argument? What is the outcome?

6. What is the outcome of Davidson's visit with the governor?

7. Explain briefly the dangerous nature of working as a missionary.

8. What is Mrs. Davidson's opinion on the fashion of the natives?

9. What do the travelers do after disembarking from the ship?

10. During the conversation between Dr. Macphail and Mrs. Davidson, the woman announces she is grateful for what regarding the island?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Davidson attempts to override the Governor's decision through the threat of contacting powerful allies in the United States. Discuss the Governor's position and authority on the island. To whom would the governor have to answer regarding political pressure? What kind of political influence did Davidson have? Where were the allies? How could they have pressured the Governor into changing his mind? Did the plan work?

Essay Topic 2

Explain in details the Davidsons' missionary experience. Include length of service, locations, and missions accomplished. What religion is most closely related to the Davidsons' ideals and actions? What kind of training would it take to become a missionary? How would you approach the job?

Essay Topic 3

Thompson had a plan to go to Australia. The plan was thwarted by Davidson's intervention with the governor. Discuss the steps taken by Davidson as well as his reasons. Explain the reaction of the governor. What was Thompson's reaction to the news of her foiled plan? What did Thompson do to try and reverse the decision?

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