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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of clothing does Thomson prefer?

2. What island group does the ship visit?

3. To whom does Macphail speak?

4. What are the passengers forced to deal with in relation to the accommodations?

5. Who informs the group of the prolonged quarantine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice is given to Macphail by Mrs. Davidson?

2. Describe briefly how the Davidsons met.

3. What is Mrs. Davidson's opinion on the inhabitants of Tutuila?

4. Briefly describe the personality of Dr. Macphail.

5. What do the travelers do after disembarking from the ship?

6. What interrupts and annoys the travelers during high tea?

7. What was the crux of the conversation held between the women?

8. What happens when Davidson storms into Thompson's room?

9. What was one of the accomplishments the Davidsons managed to achieve in their last district?

10. At this point, how far are the travelers from their destination?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the personalities and characteristics of Macphail and Davidson.

Essay Topic 2

Thompson is clearly a manipulative and powerful woman. Examine the woman's motives. Why do you think she was on the island? What is her back story? What was the crime she committed in San Francisco? What was the right decision made by the governor in regards to the deportation? What might happen to Thompson in the near future?

Essay Topic 3

The Davidsons like to assert their authority and thrust their opinions onto others. Examine the authority the couple has as missionaries. Is the authority legal or implied? If not legal, why do people comply? What is the typical reaction of those on the receiving end of Davidson's preaching?

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