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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had Davidson served on a previous mission?
(a) Maritimes.
(b) Java.
(c) Solomon Islands.
(d) American Samoa.

2. What does Davidson argue about unsuccessfully?
(a) Sleeping arrangements.
(b) Cold.
(c) Quarantine.
(d) Food.

3. How does Mrs. Davidson feel about Mr. Davidson?
(a) Fears him.
(b) Tolerates him.
(c) Idolizes him.
(d) Loathes him.

4. Where do the passengers sleep?
(a) Above the store.
(b) In the jail.
(c) On the ship.
(d) At the captain's house.

5. From which country had Mrs. Davidson just returned?
(a) Madagascar.
(b) China.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Kenya.

Short Answer Questions

1. What adjective is used by Mrs. Davidson to describe the inhabitants?

2. What weather condition must passengers face as they disembark?

3. What does Macphail see in the morning?

4. Which word best describes Thompson's figure?

5. Which of the following do the women believe Thompson possesses?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who lives in the area above the trader's store?

2. To whom is Davidson compared by Dr. Macphail?

3. Briefly describe the personality of Dr. Macphail.

4. What is Davidson's epiphany regarding Thompson?

5. What is the basis of the argument? What is the outcome?

6. During the conversation between Dr. Macphail and Mrs. Davidson, the woman announces she is grateful for what regarding the island?

7. What does Macphail see on his way to the wharf?

8. What interrupts and annoys the travelers during high tea?

9. What is the collective general personality of each couple?

10. What bad news is brought by Davidson?

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