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Lesson 1 (from Lines 1 - 47)


Lines 1 - 47

The characters are first introduced when they are on board a passenger ship headed for the South Pacific. Examine passenger ships and their characteristics.


1. The story takes place circa 1919. Discuss passenger ships and other modes of transport commonly used at that time. How have they changed? What new modes of transport are commonly used? Which would you have chosen to use for a long trip? Explain.

2. Draw a passenger ship using details from the story. Be sure to come up with a creative and appropriate name.

3. Create a collage of famous passenger ships, old and new. Write a few sentences beside each picture to give pertinent details.

4. Homework: Create a uniform that would be worn by various crew members on your ship. Are there different uniforms for different areas of the ship?

Lesson 2 (from Lines 1 - 47)


The main setting for the story is the South...

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