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Dr. Alec Macphail

This character is a medical doctor who is 40-years-old, thin, and has pale blue eyes, thinning red hair, and red, freckled skin.

Mrs. Macphail

This character is the wife of a doctor who accompanies her husband on his trip to the town of Apia.

Mr. Davidson

This character is a missionary returning to a group of islands north of Samoa.

Mrs. Davidson

This character accompanies her husband as a fellow missionary on his trip to Pago-Pago.


This character is a trader, or local businessman, who owns and operates a large house which simultaneously serves as his shop, a rudimentary hotel, and his residence.

Miss Sadie Thompson

This character is a young, single woman who is traveling by ship to Apia, where she has secured a job as a cashier.

The Governor

This character is the ruler of Tutuila.

Mr. Swan

This character is a...

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