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Chapter Abstracts

Lines 1 - 47

* Story begins aboard a passenger ship.

* Ship is in the South Pacific Ocean.

* Ships destination is the Samoan Islands.

* Reader is introduced to Dr. and Mrs. Macphail.

* The Macphails talk about the Davidsons.

* Dr. Macphail is recovering from a war wound. Time is established, circa 1919.

Lines 48 - 179

* Dr. Macphail spots an island.

* Reader is introduced to Mrs. Davidson.

* Mrs. Davidson expresses opinions about the morality of the natives.

* The reader learns that the Davidsons are missionaries.

* It begins to rain.

* Maugham describes the personalities of the characters.

Lines 180 - 259

* The travelers go ashore.

* Davidson informs the group that there has been an outbreak of measles.

* The group will be confined to Pago Pago for ten days.

* There are no hotels in Pago Pago.

* Travelers take refuge above the local trading post.

* The reader is introduced to Horn.

* The reader is introduced to Thompson.

Lines 260 - 305

* Mr...

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