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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to bail Salvador out of prison?
(a) Archie.
(b) Jose.
(c) Fred Noon.
(d) Lupe.

2. What "secret" of Salvador's does Don Victor learn about and then confront Salvador?
(a) His previous time in prison for stealing.
(b) His career as a bootlegger.
(c) His confession to murder.
(d) His dangerous past of gambling.

3. Why does Juan agree to confess to a murder he did not commit?
(a) Because jail is easier then life.
(b) Because they promise not to give him a life sentence.
(c) Because his mother will get $500 if he does.
(d) Because his life is threatened if he does not.

4. Why is Salvador angry when his friend brings him a goat as a wedding gift?
(a) Because he has discovered that this friend secretly loved Lupe.
(b) Because this friend only wants friendship when Salvador has money.
(c) Because this is a friend who caused Domingo to get in trouble.
(d) Because he is a vegetarian and does not eat meat, including goat.

5. What new name does Juan take for himself?
(a) Guillermo.
(b) Mateo.
(c) Rafael.
(d) Salvador.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tips Juan off that there is a trap waiting for him at the hotel where he is supposed to sell his bootleg liquor?

2. What dream do Lupe and Juan share?

3. Who is the young man who asks to walk Lupe home from the library and carry her books?

4. After some time in California, Juan comes to realize that Mexicans are viewed there as what?

5. Where does Juan go to find the two men that stole his money and cut his face when he first arrives in Los Angeles?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dona Margarita not want Domingo to be the one to ask for Lupe's hand in marriage on behalf of Salvador?

2. In what state does Juan find his mother when he arrives in Los Angeles?

3. Where do Salvador and Lupe go off to and talk during their reception?

4. How does Lupe respond, verbally and emotionally, when Mark declares that he wants to marry her?

5. How does Juan come to learn how to make liquor?

6. What happens to Juan when two men try to take his gambling winnings in California?

7. What does Lupe tell her mother about her feelings for Mark and Salvador?

8. How does the priest act when asking for Lupe's hand in marriage on behalf of Salvador?

9. What do Pedro and Jose do to their teacher, and what punishment does Juan give them?

10. How does Salvador react when a friend who refused to lend him money when he needed it stops by his house a few days before the wedding?

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