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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one condition that Dona Guadalupe sets on the acceptance of Salvador's proposal?
(a) He must promise not to move away from Lupe's family.
(b) He must never get into trouble or hurt her daughter.
(c) He and Lupe must not ever move back to Mexico.
(d) He must take and care for liliies that came from her homeland.

2. What does Archie allow Juan to do at his gambling hall during the Festival of the Stringbeans?
(a) Juan is allowed to be the assistant manager.
(b) Juan is able to be the front door host.
(c) Juan gets to have his own VIP section.
(d) Juan gets to manage the card games.

3. Where does Juan go to find the two men that stole his money and cut his face when he first arrives in Los Angeles?
(a) Sacramento.
(b) San Jose.
(c) Fresno.
(d) Montana.

4. Where is the barrel of whiskey located at the reception?
(a) It is hidden for those who want it.
(b) It is right next to the food.
(c) It is out on the table.
(d) It is in the kitchen.

5. How does Lupe respond when Salvador asks her to dance at the dance hall?
(a) She says she hates dancing.
(b) She tells him she is tired but maybe next time.
(c) She says yes, of course.
(d) She admits that she cannot dance.

6. How do Domingo and Salvador end up in jail in Chapter 23?
(a) Salvador gets caught bootlegging.
(b) Domingo and Salvador get into a squabble at a pool hall.
(c) Domingo tells an undercover cop they are bootleggers.
(d) The two men get caught in an underground gambling ring.

7. When Juan escapes from prison, which state does he eventually end up in?
(a) North Dakota.
(b) Montana.
(c) Iowa.
(d) Oklahoma.

8. What area are Lupe and her sisters working in when they decide to strike?
(a) Central New Mexico.
(b) Southern California.
(c) Central California.
(d) Eastern Arizona.

9. What does Juan discover has become of the money his mother received from his murder confession?
(a) Most of it has been given to his cousins.
(b) Most of it was used on her medical bills.
(c) It was stolen.
(d) It never made it to his mother.

10. What are the men barbecuing at the reception?
(a) Pork and beef.
(b) Tongue and Pollo.
(c) Beef and chicken.
(d) Pork.

11. Why are Juan and Epitacio thrown into jail?
(a) For underage gambling.
(b) Because they stole food for their families.
(c) For stealing and selling copper ore.
(d) Because they did not show up to work.

12. Why has Al come from Italy to the United States?
(a) For religious freedom.
(b) To join the mob in America.
(c) To oversee the making of fine liquor.
(d) To join the family restaurant.

13. What position does Juan hold the first day he works at the rock quarry?
(a) Mason.
(b) Cafeteria worker.
(c) Powder man.
(d) A foreman.

14. What does Victoriano use to funnel the gold he has found to speed up the collection process?
(a) A glass vase.
(b) A bottle.
(c) A thick banana leaf.
(d) A bull's horn.

15. What animal is hanging from the tree near the ruins of Don Manuel's store?
(a) A calf.
(b) A burro.
(c) A deer.
(d) A goat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens the day after Epitacio gambles away his paycheck?

2. When Lupe and her family finally find Don Manuel in California, what does he do for them?

3. What does Juan make his nephews do to teach them a lesson for their misbehavior toward their teacher?

4. What does Rose-Mary say to Lupe as she is headed to meet Salvador's family?

5. Why do the Mexican workers work under such horrible conditions?

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