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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal is hanging from the tree near the ruins of Don Manuel's store?
(a) A calf.
(b) A goat.
(c) A burro.
(d) A deer.

2. What state is the priest in when Salvador goes to find him to formerly propose?
(a) He is deep in meditation and prayer.
(b) The priest is lamenting.
(c) The priest is drunk.
(d) He is in confession with a church member.

3. Why does Juan sneak back into the U.S. just days after he has left to return to Mexico?
(a) He wants to ask Archie if he knew about the bootleg set up.
(b) He cannot stand being away from Lupe.
(c) He misses his nephews.
(d) He still wants to seek revenge on the two men that cut him.

4. When the Mexicans demand better working conditions at the rock quarry, what do they get?
(a) A new whistle and longer breaks.
(b) Paid vacation.
(c) They get nothing at all and are fired.
(d) A new whistle and nothing more.

5. Where does Dona Margarita decide to go in order to find her son Domingo?
(a) St. Louis.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Houston.
(d) Springfield.

6. What does Juan discover has become of the money his mother received from his murder confession?
(a) It never made it to his mother.
(b) Most of it has been given to his cousins.
(c) It was stolen.
(d) Most of it was used on her medical bills.

7. What news does Don Victor bring back from the lowlands about his daughter Sophia?
(a) Sophia changed her mind and is going to Juarez.
(b) Sophia's ship to the U.S. has sunk in the sea.
(c) Sophia has made it safely to the U.S.
(d) Sophia is on the train on her way to Texas.

8. Which of Domingo's skills impresses Archie?
(a) His racing skills.
(b) His wrestling skills.
(c) His liquor making skills.
(d) His card playing skills.

9. When Juan escapes from prison, which state does he eventually end up in?
(a) Montana.
(b) North Dakota.
(c) Iowa.
(d) Oklahoma.

10. Who comes to bail Salvador out of prison?
(a) Lupe.
(b) Jose.
(c) Archie.
(d) Fred Noon.

11. In what city is Archie's gambling hall located?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) Carlsbad.
(c) Escondido.
(d) San Diego.

12. Where is the barrel of whiskey located at the reception?
(a) It is in the kitchen.
(b) It is out on the table.
(c) It is right next to the food.
(d) It is hidden for those who want it.

13. What is the name of the mine where Juan and Epitacio work in Arizona?
(a) Silver Creek Mine.
(b) Rio Grande River Mine.
(c) Copper Queen Mine.
(d) Douglas City Mine.

14. Who sends word to Juan that his mother is very ill?
(a) His father.
(b) His sister.
(c) Epitacio.
(d) A hospital nurse.

15. Why does Luisa refuse to go to Salvador and Lupe's wedding?
(a) She does not feel as though she is dressed properly.
(b) She is not feeling well and does not want to get out of bed.
(c) She is against Lupe and does not support the marriage.
(d) She feels that Lupe's family looks down on her and her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dona Margarita disapprove of Domingo and Nellie's relationship?

2. Which two of Salvador's friends loan him money for his wedding celebration?

3. What tips Juan off that there is a trap waiting for him at the hotel where he is supposed to sell his bootleg liquor?

4. What gift does Father Ryan thank Dona Margarita's son for?

5. What does Dona Guadalupe tell Juan about her daughters?

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