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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the day they are scheduled to blast the location where they located their gold, what does Victoriano forget and have to go back home to retrieve?
(a) The lunches for the men.
(b) The dynamite.
(c) The map to the exact location where the gold is.
(d) The flint to start off the dynamite.

2. Where does Don Castro set out from when leaving to start a new community?
(a) Ciudad del Oro.
(b) Baja California.
(c) Mexico City.
(d) Monte Negro.

3. What family pet does Dona Margarita have to kill for food?
(a) Luisa's goat.
(b) Dona Margarita's dog.
(c) Inocenta's duck.
(d) Juan's burro.

4. What does Dona Guadalupe want to do with her share of the gold that they have found?
(a) She wants to buy a ranchero in the country.
(b) She wants to make sure her children go to college.
(c) She wants to find a nice house in Mexico City.
(d) She wants to move her family to the United States.

5. What do Epitacio and Juan see across the Rio Grande?
(a) They see another war on the other side.
(b) A wild forest.
(c) The untouched houses of the Americans.
(d) Nothing but the same poor people and ugly streets.

6. What is the name of the town midwife?
(a) Marguarita.
(b) Elena.
(c) Angelina.
(d) Maria.

7. What Indian tribe is Leonides Camargo fighting against?
(a) Yakuis.
(b) Oaxaca.
(c) Puebla.
(d) Zapotec.

8. Why does Socorro throw out all of her husband's clothing?
(a) She needs to move and cannot take them all with her.
(b) She is angry and wants to say good-bye to him forever.
(c) She recognizes that she should donate them to others.
(d) She is going to buy him all new clothes for his return.

9. How many babies does Socorro give birth to?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

10. What job does Dona Margarita get so that she can feed her family?
(a) She does not have a job, she begs in the city.
(b) She is a worker in a small market.
(c) She is a housecleaner.
(d) She gets a job as a seamstress in town.

11. What type of land are Don Castro and his companions looking for to start their new community?
(a) Coastal land.
(b) Fertile land.
(c) Lowlands.
(d) Land with gold to be mined.

12. What town does Don Victor tell Guadalupe about and convince her to go with him?
(a) Rancho Cucamonga.
(b) La Lluvia de Oro.
(c) Juarez.
(d) El Paso.

13. What horrible thing has happened to Juan's sister Emilia?
(a) She was raped by soldiers.
(b) She was sick with fever.
(c) She was run over by a horse.
(d) She lost her voice forever.

14. How long does Don Victor believe it will take his family to gather enough gold to buy their way to the U.S.?
(a) Nine months.
(b) Two and a half years.
(c) About a year.
(d) Two months.

15. What has the mine been named?
(a) El Camino Real.
(b) El Rio Urique.
(c) Plata del Mundo.
(d) La Lluvia de Oro.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Juan use to bundle up the firewood he has collected?

2. When Lupe first sees Don Victor coming towards the village, what does she think he is?

3. Why is Victoriano looking through the discarded ore for gold?

4. Towards the end of Chapter 7, what do the soldiers do in response to the angry crowds they see in the village?

5. What does Don Victor give to Don Manuel to help him through the wedding ceremony?

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