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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of his daughters accompanies Don Victor back to the lowlands?
(a) Sophia.
(b) Carlota.
(c) Lupe.
(d) Socorro.

2. Why does Juan Salvador distract the foreman of a farm as his family is passing it?
(a) So that his family can sneak into the barn to take a nap.
(b) So that his family can cut through the field as a shortcut.
(c) So that his family can steal corn.
(d) Because he is a troublemaker.

3. What is the name of Colonel Maytorena's wife?
(a) Louisa.
(b) Susanna.
(c) Socorro.
(d) Tocarra.

4. Who has convinced Maria that she should elope?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her sister.
(c) Her best friend.
(d) Her lover.

5. When Juan is talking to God, who does he say he needs help for?
(a) For his father.
(b) For the Mexican people.
(c) For his mother.
(d) For himself.

6. What is the name of the young man who is hired by Don Benito to help move rocks and earth from the gold find?
(a) Jorge.
(b) Roderigo.
(c) Jose.
(d) Ramon.

7. Why is Victoriano looking through the discarded ore for gold?
(a) He is deliberately trying to anger the Americans.
(b) He is trying to get enough gold to make a ring.
(c) He wants to be a successful businessman.
(d) His mother needs help paying the bills.

8. Why does Dona Guadalupe and her family crush the gold ore they have discovered into dust?
(a) To make it seem like they have more.
(b) Because that is what you are supposed to do to gold ore.
(c) Because it is more ore than gold.
(d) To make it seem like it came from the river.

9. Who is Don Juan?
(a) Colonel Maytorena's boss.
(b) Dona Guadalupe's brother.
(c) The mayor of the town.
(d) The teacher.

10. What horrible thing has happened to Juan's sister Emilia?
(a) She lost her voice forever.
(b) She was sick with fever.
(c) She was raped by soldiers.
(d) She was run over by a horse.

11. What is Don Tiburcio's dying request to his wife?
(a) He asks her to burn down their house and leave.
(b) He asks her to make sure she never remarries.
(c) He asks her to clean the fireplace and then leave.
(d) He asks her to bury him next to his mother.

12. Who goes with Don Castro to start a new community?
(a) His wife and three children.
(b) His two brothers.
(c) Victoriano.
(d) Dona Guadalupe.

13. What is Don Victor's job when he meets Guadalupe?
(a) A tanner.
(b) A store owner.
(c) A farmer.
(d) A carpenter.

14. What do Epitacio and Juan see across the Rio Grande?
(a) A wild forest.
(b) Nothing but the same poor people and ugly streets.
(c) They see another war on the other side.
(d) The untouched houses of the Americans.

15. Who is congratulated by the midwife for her assistance during Socorro's delivery?
(a) Lupe.
(b) Carlota.
(c) Dona Guadalupe.
(d) Sophia.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lupe first sees Don Victor coming towards the village, what does she think he is?

2. What weapon does Dona Guadalupe give to her son after she frees him from being hanged?

3. What do the villagers do as a result of the revolution on their small community?

4. Who is having trouble keeping the secret that they have discovered gold?

5. Victoriano is badly beaten after trying to defend what from the bandits?

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