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Victor Villaseñor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the mine been named?
(a) Plata del Mundo.
(b) El Rio Urique.
(c) La Lluvia de Oro.
(d) El Camino Real.

2. Why does Dona Guadalupe and her family crush the gold ore they have discovered into dust?
(a) Because it is more ore than gold.
(b) To make it seem like it came from the river.
(c) To make it seem like they have more.
(d) Because that is what you are supposed to do to gold ore.

3. Who are the two sides involved in the great war that is occurring in the valley?
(a) The Nationales and the Federales.
(b) The Nationales and the Libertadidos.
(c) The Villistas and the Carranzistas.
(d) The Guerillas and the Villistas.

4. Towards the end of Chapter 7, what do the soldiers do in response to the angry crowds they see in the village?
(a) They taunt the angry crowds.
(b) They attack those who are rising against them.
(c) They flee from the village.
(d) They do nothing and wait for the villagers to calm down.

5. What is the name of the town midwife?
(a) Maria.
(b) Elena.
(c) Marguarita.
(d) Angelina.

6. What do Epitacio and Juan see across the Rio Grande?
(a) A wild forest.
(b) They see another war on the other side.
(c) The untouched houses of the Americans.
(d) Nothing but the same poor people and ugly streets.

7. What is in the pack that Don Victor brings on his back upon his return to his family?
(a) Gold and money has has earned.
(b) A large dead deer.
(c) Ribbons, dried meat, and other gifts.
(d) A huge bundle of firewood.

8. What special gift has Don Victor brought for Sophia to wear in her wedding?
(a) A large hat.
(b) A beautiful veil.
(c) Lace for her dress.
(d) Brand new stockings.

9. Where is Juan Salvador Villasenor traveling with his family in Chapter 8?
(a) Albuquerque.
(b) El Paso.
(c) Los Feliz.
(d) Tijuana.

10. What is the one condition that Espirito and his people put on the spring when they sell it?
(a) They are only allowed to stay for six months out of the year.
(b) They must pay taxes to the community to live there.
(c) They must not impose on the community.
(d) No digging allowed, they can only take rocks at the surface.

11. What weapon does Dona Guadalupe give to her son after she frees him from being hanged?
(a) A bow and arrow.
(b) An old pistol.
(c) A heavy hatchet.
(d) A large dagger.

12. Why is La Liebre upset with Dona Guadalupe and her family?
(a) Victoriano tried to marry the woman he loves.
(b) Dona Guadalupe tried to take the gold from his land.
(c) Dona Guadalupe caused his horse to break its leg.
(d) Because they are friends of Colonel Maytorena.

13. On the day they are scheduled to blast the location where they located their gold, what does Victoriano forget and have to go back home to retrieve?
(a) The map to the exact location where the gold is.
(b) The dynamite.
(c) The flint to start off the dynamite.
(d) The lunches for the men.

14. Which of Dona Guadalupe's daughters does Don Tiburcio seek to marry?
(a) Lupe.
(b) Luisa.
(c) Carlota.
(d) Sophia.

15. What is Don Tiburcio's dying request to his wife?
(a) He asks her to bury him next to his mother.
(b) He asks her to burn down their house and leave.
(c) He asks her to make sure she never remarries.
(d) He asks her to clean the fireplace and then leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which powerful person is killed by Victoriano?

2. Who is eloping with Maria?

3. Why is Victoriano looking through the discarded ore for gold?

4. What special gift does Don Tiburcio bring to Dona Guadalupe for her family to share?

5. Who is having trouble keeping the secret that they have discovered gold?

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