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Victor Villaseñor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What horrible act do Pedro and Jose do to their teacher?
(a) They put something in his coffee that left him sick for a week.
(b) They placed a tack on his chair and he sat on it.
(c) They threw eggs at him as he left the school for the day.
(d) They pulled down his pants and pushed him out a window.

2. How do Dona Guadalupe and her children make money?
(a) By housing the miners.
(b) By selling fruit in town.
(c) By selling their portion of the mine.
(d) By feeding the miners.

3. What weapon does Dona Guadalupe give to her son after she frees him from being hanged?
(a) An old pistol.
(b) A large dagger.
(c) A heavy hatchet.
(d) A bow and arrow.

4. In Chapter 12, who does the reader learn has fallen in love with Socorro?
(a) Emmanuel.
(b) Don Victor.
(c) Don Tiburcio.
(d) Victoriano.

5. What special gift does Don Tiburcio bring to Dona Guadalupe for her family to share?
(a) A big bottle of wine.
(b) A large box of chocolates.
(c) A honeyed ham.
(d) A small pack of colorful papers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which powerful person is killed by Victoriano?

2. Who does Salvador ask to formally ask for Lupe's hand in marriage on his behalf?

3. Why does the first owner sell the spring?

4. Where do Juan and his sisters find seeds for their dinner while trying to walk to the U.S.?

5. Why is Juan trying to sell firewood?

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