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Victor Villaseñor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Socorro throw out all of her husband's clothing?
(a) She is angry and wants to say good-bye to him forever.
(b) She needs to move and cannot take them all with her.
(c) She recognizes that she should donate them to others.
(d) She is going to buy him all new clothes for his return.

2. When the Gomez family arrives in California, what do they learn about their daughter Sophia?
(a) She did die at sea.
(b) She made it to California but died soon after.
(c) She is alive and is in Montana.
(d) She is alive and living in California.

3. In Chapter 12, who does the reader learn has fallen in love with Socorro?
(a) Victoriano.
(b) Don Tiburcio.
(c) Don Victor.
(d) Emmanuel.

4. Why does La Liebre decide to have Victoriano hanged in the town square?
(a) He and Victoriano are fighting over the same woman.
(b) Just because.
(c) He is angry because the boy talked back to him in a crowd.
(d) He thinks the ore he has is more valuable than it is.

5. What does the midwife say about the pain tolerance of men?
(a) That men cannot stand pain as women can.
(b) That the only pain men feel is the pain of love.
(c) That men feel no pain whatsoever.
(d) That men have a much higher pain tolerance then women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What warning does Dona Guadalupe give to her youngest daughter Lupe early in the story?

2. What is in the pack that Don Victor brings on his back upon his return to his family?

3. Where do Juan and his sisters find seeds for their dinner while trying to walk to the U.S.?

4. Why is Juan demoted his second day at the rock quarry?

5. How long does Don Victor believe it will take his family to gather enough gold to buy their way to the U.S.?

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