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Victor Villaseñor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3, The Crying Tree.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lupe go to school?
(a) At the Universidad.
(b) At her neighbors, Tia Juanita's.
(c) The American compound near the mine.
(d) The small school in the next town.

2. What family pet does Dona Margarita have to kill for food?
(a) Dona Margarita's dog.
(b) Juan's burro.
(c) Luisa's goat.
(d) Inocenta's duck.

3. Why does Juan Salvador distract the foreman of a farm as his family is passing it?
(a) So that his family can cut through the field as a shortcut.
(b) Because he is a troublemaker.
(c) So that his family can sneak into the barn to take a nap.
(d) So that his family can steal corn.

4. Where do Dona Guadalupe and her children hide when the army horsemen come through their canyon?
(a) On a high cliff in the canyon.
(b) A secret basement in their small house.
(c) In the mine.
(d) A cave under the large boulder.

5. Why are the people in the village leaving to find work in other areas?
(a) Because they are sick of working for the Americans.
(b) Because a new, larger mine is opening up in another city.
(c) Because the Americans shut down the mine.
(d) Because the war is coming to their village.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the animals howling and calling out while Socorro is giving birth?

2. What is Colonel Maytorena's job while in Lupe's town?

3. What does Dona Guadalupe offer to make for Don Benito?

4. Which powerful person is killed by Victoriano?

5. Who does Don Benito fall in love with while in town?

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