Objects & Places from Rain of Gold

Victor Villaseñor
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La Lluvia de Oro

Also known as "The River of Gold", this is located in north/central Mexico.

The Home of Lupe's Family

This is built around a huge boulder. Its center is a lean-to made of logs and fir branches.

The Burial Place of the Colonel's Coat

This area is in the high country and is found near a pile of rocks that look like stacked tortillas; on top is a little twisted pine tree. The area becomes a symbol of peace for one of the characters.

Box of Chocolates

This gift is wrapped with a red ribbon around bright blue paper.

Don Victor's Presents

These include bright pieces of material, delicate lace, colorful ribbons, shoes, beans, rice, blankets, dried meats, sugar, and flour.

Torreon Exodus

This location is in the central portion, and it is a major point of distribution for the railroad. Here, the results...

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