Daily Lessons for Teaching Rain of Gold

Victor Villaseñor
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Lesson 1 (from Section 1, Rain of Gold)


The objective of today's lesson is to understand the history of the mine, valley, and people that this story is about as seen in the initial summary of the novel, and to discuss the use of the summary.


1) Ask the students to break into small discussion groups and review the section 1 summary. Provide each group with a large piece of poster board and ask them to outline what they read in the summary.

2) Class discussion: Ask the students what they believe the purpose of this summary is. What interesting facts do they learn about the mine, the village where the mine was found, and the people that lived in that village? Why do they think this information is so important that it has its own summary?

3) Individual writing: Ask the students to write a few short paragraphs on whether or not they found the section...

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