Rain of Gold Fun Activities

Victor Villaseñor
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Strike it

Choose an issue that is commonly seen in strikes and create your own strike signs. Please create four different signs that either state the stance you chose or the demands your stance is asking for. Make your signs poignant and powerful; make sure to keep away from anything derogatory or coarse.

Party, party, party

Have your very own wedding reception. Going from the description of the reception in the story and adding your own twists, have a reception in the style of Lupe and Salvador. Remember to include food, friends, and fun.

Design time

Choose to design either Lupe's wedding dress or Salvador's suit. This suit must be at least one foot in length. Include initial sketches and samples of fabric, and any other material used in the final look. Try to create an entire outfit; this can be two dimensional (i.e., a suit made...

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