Rain of Gold Character Descriptions

Victor Villaseñor
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Lupe Gomez - This character is relatively fair with beautiful skin and long, dark, luxurious hair. This character has a great deal of poise and stature; however, she is shy and not open to relationships.

Dona Guadalupe Gomez - This character is orphaned while very young and is raised by a Mexican family. The character is now old with long gray hair that is often worn in braids.

Don Victor Gomez - A lover of gambling and liquor, this character has often felt the wrath of his spouse because of these habits.

Victoriano Gomez - As a young child, this character proves to be brave and fearless in fighting for his family. As he becomes older, this character remains devoted to helping his family in any way possible.

Carlota Gomez - A jealous type, this character is very outgoing but often competes for the attention of her...

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