Rain of Gold Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Victor Villaseñor
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Section 1, Rain of Gold

• Espirito finds a sweet water spring with gold in it.

• He and his people allow the gold to be collected but say no digging is allowed.

• The mine is sold to a large American mining company.

Chapter 1

• This novel follows three generations of two families and their stories in Mexico, through the Mexican Revolution, and their migration and life in America.

• We are introduced to Dona Guadalupe and Don Victor, and their four daughters and one son living in the mining town of La Lluvia de Oro.

• Soldiers come into town, including Colonel Manuel Maytorena and his wife Socorro, who stays with Dona Guadalupe's family because she is pregnant.

Chapter 2

• On Lupe's first day of school she is bullied by Rose-Mary, another student from a rich Mexican family in town.

• The Colonel is in charge of building a road out of the valley that...

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