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Short Answer Questions

1. What innovation of Henry Ford's was about to revolutionize American manufacturing?

2. What returns to Father at the sea in Atlantic City?

3. What happened to Ben Reitman in San Diego?

4. Where does Harry K. Thaw go after his escape?

5. What happens at the Emerald Isle Fire Station?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the police cannot find Coalhouse, what does Father do?

2. Why does J. P. Morgan want to meet with Henry Ford?

3. After Coalhouse arranges for his gang to escape, what happens to him?

4. What is keeping Father busy that summer?

5. What is Younger Brother's first act as a revolutionary and outlaw?

6. What becomes fashionable because of Morgan's obsession with Egyptology?

7. What brings Younger Brother back to life after his breakup with Evelyn?

8. How have the fortunes of Tateh and The girl changed?

9. What causes the theater to shake where Houdini is performing?

10. Describe Morgan's buildings on Madison Avenue in Murray Hill.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about the transformation of Tateh in the novel from the time he was scandalized by his wife and Evelyn until he romps on the beach in Atlantic City. Discuss what you think makes the transformation. Is there a tendency for the poor to be judgmental of the morals of the rich? If so, why? How does affluence change a persons attitude toward all things in society? What are the good and bad points of such changes?

Essay Topic 2

Look up information of Theodore Dreiser and write about his impact on the American novel. It is interesting that Doctorow chooses Dreiser to put in his book. It might be a message about his own feelings about book critics. Dreiser was never recognized in his own time for the quality of his novels. Perhaps his most famous novel, AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, was made into a movie in the 1950s called A PLACE IN THE SUN. What is your opinion about why Doctorow chose this novelist to include briefly in RAGTIME.

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper on the subject of art as seen in the novel. Take it from Tateh's silhouettes to Morgan's collection. Tateh's cutout silhouettes and movie books are art for the people. On the other hand, Morgans fabulous art collection are limited to the upper classes. Tateh's art leads him to film animation and making movies. Morgan's art is nearly destroyed in one quick action. Mother's association with art is limited to putting up Egyptian wallpaper. Your paper should discuss how art influences people and the value of art as an equalizer.

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