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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Morgan once done for the U.S. government?

2. Who gets the rebuilt Model-T?

3. As the procession crosses into Brooklyn, what is seen settling on the rails of the Brooklyn Bridge?

4. Who shows up driving a new Model-T in front of The Boy's house?

5. Who is arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?

Short Essay Questions

1. What remarkable innovation in manufacturing took place about this time?

2. How do the police learn about the history of Coalhouse Walker, Jr.?

3. What is the beginning of the trouble with Coalhouse Walker?

4. What happens on Houdini's tour of Europe?

5. What causes the theater to shake where Houdini is performing?

6. Why does Father return alone to New York, leaving the family in Atlantic City.

7. What happens to Sarah at the rally?

8. Why is Emma Goldman arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?

9. What plans do Father and Mother make to get away from the Coalhouse problem?

10. What is Sarah's funeral like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gather information of President Howard Taft and write a short paper about him. Taft's rise to power corresponded with the turn of the century idea that obesity, especially in men, was a sign of material success. Taft weighed over 300 pounds and it is said that a special bathtub had to be installed in the White House to accommodate him. Your paper should include characters in the book as examples of men who fit that accepted image of success. By contrast Houdini and Younger Brother are of athletic build and represent change in the novel. Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Write a paper on child labor. Express your opinion about child labor at the turn of the 19th-20th century and in places in the world today. Perhaps Charles Dickens is the most famous novelist to address the issue of child labor. Doctorow describes child labor in America in the 1890s and early 1900s in two brief passages. One has to do with child abductions and sexual abuse and the other has to do with the reason manufacturers liked child labor. Your paper should use those examples and discuss the harmful effects on children when they are do devalued.

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper explaining the difference between an anarchist and a socialist. These strange bedfellows come together in the meeting Tateh takes Evelyn to. Anarchists oppose any form of government and socialists promote total government control. Explain why Tateh did not agree with anarchism or communism. Why was he a socialist? Then decide if his later affluence changed his political ideas and why.

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