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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father observe about the game of baseball as opposed to the way they played at Harvard twenty years before?

2. Most people think that it was the work of a group of armed men, but what does the newspaper suggest?

3. Who captures Mother's interest in Atlantic City?

4. Who is arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?

5. What worries Father after the baseball game?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes of Younger Brother?

2. That spring, what happens at the Matteawan State Prison Farm?

3. What plans do Father and Mother make to get away from the Coalhouse problem?

4. When the police cannot find Coalhouse, what does Father do?

5. Why is Emma Goldman arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?

6. Describe Morgan's buildings on Madison Avenue in Murray Hill.

7. What is keeping Father busy that summer?

8. What causes Younger Brother to run out of the parlor one evening after dinner?

9. What remarkable innovation in manufacturing took place about this time?

10. How have the fortunes of Tateh and The girl changed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Look up information of minstrel shows which were popular in America from the late 1800s through the 1930s. Describe them and give your opinion about them as entertainment. Even Scott Joplin performed in minstrel shows during his lifetime. Al Jolson, a Jewish man, became famous blacking his face and performing in minstrels. It was of course a demeaning representation of black people as a whole and contributed to the stereotype of the race that went on into the movies until the late 1950s. Discuss how much you think such entertainments delayed the civil rights movement in America.

Essay Topic 2

Write a paper about class distinctions in the novel. Examine the fixation Americans had on Europeans and whether it still exists today. [Compare to America's fixation on the late Princess Diana.] Use the arrival of Freud and Young as one example and Mother's preference for the Europeans at Atlantic City as another. Show how that also influences Tateh to adopt the persona of Baron Ashkenazy.

Essay Topic 3

Gather information of President Howard Taft and write a short paper about him. Taft's rise to power corresponded with the turn of the century idea that obesity, especially in men, was a sign of material success. Taft weighed over 300 pounds and it is said that a special bathtub had to be installed in the White House to accommodate him. Your paper should include characters in the book as examples of men who fit that accepted image of success. By contrast Houdini and Younger Brother are of athletic build and represent change in the novel. Explain.

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