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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Hebrew letters on storefronts look like to Evelyn?

2. At the jail called The Tombs, what do the guards invent?

3. What was Freud's judgment about America?

4. Why does Father not go to the Pole with Perry?

5. What does Tateh have that finally makes them money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does socialite Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish bring Houdini and circus freaks to her house?

2. What are Tateh's plans for him and The Girl as they leave New York?

3. How are Tateh and The Girl rescued from being separated?

4. What idea does Tateh have that makes them money.

5. What sight as they sail out of New York Harbor depresses Father?

6. Who are the famous psychologists who visit New York at this time and what is their reaction?

7. What does the Franklin Novelty Company do with Tateh's books?

8. What is Evelyn doing with Younger Brother after Tateh and The girl leave?

9. What is the gossip about Evelyn's disappearances to visit The Girl?

10. What is Perry's attitude towards the Esquimo people?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write your personal review of RAGTIME and make a recommendation for other readers. Write this paper as though you are a book reviewer for a large newspaper or national magazine. Be honest about what you liked or did not like about the book. [That it was required reading in class does not count as a reason to dislike the book.] Be specific when giving your reasons by quoting passages from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Write your opinion of E. L. Doctorow's writing style. Include such things as his omitting quotation marks and writing in very short sentences. Cite specific passages in the novel that you think either did or did not convey (1) the feeling of the characters, (2) the imagery of the day, (3) the suspense of the plot, or any other concept you feel the novel addresses. How much does Doctorow's use of fictionalized real characters add to the interest of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper on child labor. Express your opinion about child labor at the turn of the 19th-20th century and in places in the world today. Perhaps Charles Dickens is the most famous novelist to address the issue of child labor. Doctorow describes child labor in America in the 1890s and early 1900s in two brief passages. One has to do with child abductions and sexual abuse and the other has to do with the reason manufacturers liked child labor. Your paper should use those examples and discuss the harmful effects on children when they are do devalued.

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