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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the ages of Coalhouse's followers?
(a) From sixteen to seventy-two.
(b) Near Coalhouse's age.
(c) Men as old as sixty-five.
(d) Eighteen to twenties.

2. Why does he insist on living a grand style in Europe?
(a) To rub his affluence in other people's noses.
(b) To make sure he is on top in business.
(c) To be able to turn down invitations from kings.
(d) For the sake of the image of the country.

3. At that time, who was at the top of the business pyramid in the USA?
(a) J. P. Morgan.
(b) Carnegie.
(c) Astor.
(d) Rockefeller.

4. How does the knowledge of Coalhouse Walker's activities eventually become known?
(a) A black lawyer gets information from one of Coalhouse's gang.
(b) Younger Brother keeps a diary of every day with Coalhouse.
(c) Coalhouse writes everything down to be opened after his death.
(d) One of the gang members drops out and goes to the police.

5. Who were most of the mourners at Sarah's funeral?
(a) Musician friends of Coalhouse.
(b) Father, Mother, Younger Brother, and The Boy.
(c) New York policemen.
(d) Hired mourners.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event is a great disappointment to Morgan?

2. Who gets the rebuilt Model-T?

3. What is Father worried about after the murders?

4. Where do the cars come from that are used in the attacks?

5. Why do Coalhouse and his boys end up in the marble museum?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Morgan's buildings on Madison Avenue in Murray Hill.

2. What becomes of Younger Brother?

3. What is keeping Father busy that summer?

4. What happens on Houdini's tour of Europe?

5. Why does Father return alone to New York, leaving the family in Atlantic City.

6. What happens to Sarah at the rally?

7. What is Sarah's funeral like?

8. What does Father decide to do to make up for the time he has not spent with The Boy?

9. What is Younger Brother's first act as a revolutionary and outlaw?

10. What suddenly worries Sarah after the Fire House incident?

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