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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Evelyn call the old man Tateh?
(a) Because she met him on Tateh Street.
(b) Because his clothes looked tattered.
(c) Because he cannot pronounce his Hebrew name.
(d) Because he would not tell her his real name.

2. What is the newspaperman, Jacob Riis, writing about at this time?
(a) The music in Harlem.
(b) The trial of the century.
(c) Stopping the flow of emigrants into the country.
(d) Better housing for the poor.

3. What causes the Little Girl to stop working?
(a) She gets tuberculosis.
(b) She is kidnapped by pimps.
(c) She is forced to go to school.
(d) She falls and breaks her hand.

4. What does Father see in his bathroom mirror after he returns?
(a) How much stronger he looked.
(b) The gaunt, bearded face of a homeless man.
(c) How much young her looked.
(d) How fat he had become eating Esquimo food.

5. Where do the police find the mother of the baby?
(a) In the cellar of a house in the next block.
(b) In the railway station.
(c) Up in a tree near Mother's house.
(d) Inside Mother's rain barrel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the royal person who came to see Houdini fly his plane?

2. What is a theme established in the first two chapters?

3. Why is the girl tied by a rope to the old man's wrists?

4. What does Evelyn hope for in her husband's trial?

5. What was a popular type of entertainment show in those days?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does newspaperman Riis find when he goes to the docks to interview Stanford white about housing for the poor?

2. Explain how Harry K. Shaw gets to see Harry Houdini.

3. What crime is Harry K. Shaw accused of committing?

4. What is the gossip about Evelyn's disappearances to visit The Girl?

5. What are the lead workers doing as Perry comes leisurely behind?

6. What happens when Tateh is working in the Mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts?

7. Who are the famous psychologists who visit New York at this time and what is their reaction?

8. How does Evelyn lose The Girl?

9. Why does socialite Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish bring Houdini and circus freaks to her house?

10. What does The boy see Mother do in the back garden?

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