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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tateh have that finally makes them money?
(a) The Girl's new cloak and hat.
(b) The flip book he made for The Girl which he sells for $25.
(c) His art supplies.
(d) His new coat and tie.

2. What does the arrival of the immigrants symbolize?
(a) That the world economy is failing.
(b) That a famine is headed for America.
(c) That the weather will turn bad.
(d) That there are changes coming for the country.

3. Why are Tateh and the girl at home that day?
(a) Evelyn's husband has put out a contract on Tateh.
(b) The girl is sick.
(c) Tateh is out of supplies and has no money to buy more.
(d) They are hiding from Evelyn.

4. What does Doctorow suggest Sigmund Freud's revenge on America was?
(a) Destroying sex in America forever.
(b) Turning Carl Jung loose on America.
(c) Sending his European students to America.
(d) Having so many psychiatrists in America.

5. What change is obvious in Younger Brother?
(a) He has taken to working twelve and fifteen hours a day.
(b) He has dyed his hair black.
(c) He has had his photo in the newspapers with Evelyn Nesbit.
(d) He has taken a job in New York City.

Short Answer Questions

1. Is Perry able to locate the exact spot of the North Pole?

2. What does Evelyn do with most of her money?

3. What does Father see in his bathroom mirror after he returns?

4. What does Houdini do in Germany?

5. What is a theme established in the first two chapters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes the fashion among the rich in turn of the century America?

2. What is Perry's attitude towards the Esquimo people?

3. What are Tateh's plans for him and The Girl as they leave New York?

4. What does the Franklin Novelty Company do with Tateh's books?

5. Who are the famous psychologists who visit New York at this time and what is their reaction?

6. Why does socialite Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish bring Houdini and circus freaks to her house?

7. What sight as they sail out of New York Harbor depresses Father?

8. What happens when Tateh is working in the Mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts?

9. What does Evelyn see when she goes with Tateh to a socialist meeting?

10. How do the second generation Irish feel about the new immigrants?

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