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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father do with all the family watching?
(a) Shows them an Esquimo dance.
(b) Reads pages from his journal.
(c) Passes out gifts he brought back from the Arctic.
(d) Plays tunes on an ivory cared flute.

2. The winter The Boy was skating on the pond, where were Tateh and The Girl?
(a) Lawrence, Massachusetts.
(b) New Haven, Connecticutt.
(c) Newark, New Jersey.
(d) Bangor, Maine.

3. What does Evelyn see that causes her to order the driver to stop the car?
(a) A dirty-faced girl.
(b) An organ grinder with a monkey.
(c) A sale on shawls.
(d) A lost puppy.

4. Who is on the mind of Mother's Younger Brother?
(a) Evelyn Nesbit.
(b) Clara Bow.
(c) Nora Desmond.
(d) Greta Garbo.

5. What began to be heard in the ghettos?
(a) The rattle of streetcars.
(b) The sounds of piano lessons.
(c) The people speaking English.
(d) The calls of ice venders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Tateh and The Girl go to warm up after spending the night in the train station?

2. What does Tateh have that finally makes them money?

3. What does Mameh finally do to make extra money?

4. What do Mother, The Boy, and Younger Brother do in the winter time?

5. What has Mother accomplished during Father's absence?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Father return alone to New York, leaving the family in Atlantic City.

2. What is Mother's concern about Younger Brother?

3. What is Perry's attitude towards the Esquimo people?

4. What is it that Evelyn Nesbit does not understand when she sees The Girl tied to her father?

5. Describe Morgan's buildings on Madison Avenue in Murray Hill.

6. What does the Franklin Novelty Company do with Tateh's books?

7. What is Father's condition when he returns form the Arctic?

8. What infatuation comes over Mother's Younger brother?

9. What are Tateh's plans for him and The Girl as they leave New York?

10. What is the gossip about Evelyn's disappearances to visit The Girl?

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