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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the milk train going back to New Rochelle, what does Younger Brother contemplate?
(a) Getting married.
(b) Buying a Model-T.
(c) A new poem.
(d) Suicide.

2. What event is a great disappointment to Morgan?
(a) A dinner party of a dozen of the most powerful men in America.
(b) His last birthday party when no one came.
(c) The Harry Houdini show in New York.
(d) The opening of his 1,000th bank.

3. At that time, who was at the top of the business pyramid in the USA?
(a) Astor.
(b) J. P. Morgan.
(c) Rockefeller.
(d) Carnegie.

4. What happens at the Emerald Isle Fire Station?
(a) Coalhouse is not allowed to pass and his car is vandalized.
(b) Father provides the bunting for a barbecue.
(c) Coalhouse and Sarah get married.
(d) Young brother goes to apply for a job.

5. Why does Father go to the police?
(a) To ask for police protection for his family.
(b) To throw them off the trail of Coalhouse.
(c) To tell what he knows about Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
(d) To find out if the police know where Coalhouse is.

6. What is Father's relationship with Mother after he returns from the Arctic?
(a) Father thinks she does not measure up to the Esquimo woman.
(b) They slip into an undemanding companionship.
(c) They no longer share a bedroom.
(d) They go back to being like newly weds.

7. How does the knowledge of Coalhouse Walker's activities eventually become known?
(a) Younger Brother keeps a diary of every day with Coalhouse.
(b) A black lawyer gets information from one of Coalhouse's gang.
(c) Coalhouse writes everything down to be opened after his death.
(d) One of the gang members drops out and goes to the police.

8. What returns to Father at the sea in Atlantic City?
(a) His hair begins to grow again on top of his head.
(b) Father's desire to make love to Mother.
(c) His weight begins to drop off.
(d) His color returns to normal.

9. What is the description of the man who led the attack on the fire station?
(a) A man who looked a lot like the Fire Chief.
(b) An unidentified Negro male.
(c) A stout man wearing a bandana mask.
(d) A short man with coal dust on his face.

10. What happens to Coalhouse after he comes out of the museum with his hands raised?
(a) He is taken to jail.
(b) He gets away when the generators fail.
(c) He is attacked by Willie Conklin.
(d) He is executed in a volly of gunfire.

11. What has The Boy taken to doing now that Sarah is communicative?
(a) Drawing pictures for Sarah.
(b) Asking Sarah endless questions.
(c) Playing with the baby.
(d) Reading to Sarah.

12. What does Father propose to do for Coalhouse?
(a) Buy Coalhouse a new car.
(b) Repair the car and bribe the Fire House to return it.
(c) Find Coalhouse a much better job.
(d) Pay Coalhouse's employer to increase his salary.

13. What does Mother notice about the change in Sarah's face?
(a) She pities her because she is so plain.
(b) She thinks Sarah's face was getting darker.
(c) She notices Sarah has broken out in a rash.
(d) She is awed by her beauty.

14. Who shows up driving a new Model-T in front of The Boy's house?
(a) Harry Houdini looking for Father.
(b) A Negro man looking for Sarah.
(c) Emma Goldman looking for Mother.
(d) Evelyn Nesbit looking for Younger Brother.

15. What kind of music does Coalhouse play?
(a) Ragtime.
(b) Modern jazz.
(c) Classical.
(d) Minstrel show tunes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Coalhouse say that causes Sarah to cry and hold the baby?

2. What does Younger Brother tell Emilio Zapata?

3. How do Father and Mother sometimes travel down the boardwalk in Atlantic City?

4. What does Father observe about the game of baseball as opposed to the way they played at Harvard twenty years before?

5. Where is Sarah funeral held?

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