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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to try and talk Coalhouse into surrendering?
(a) Mother.
(b) Willie Conklin.
(c) Emma Goldman.
(d) Booker T. Washington.

2. Where do Younger Brother and Father die?
(a) Younger Brother in a train wreck and Father in the hospital.
(b) Younger Brother in Mexico and Father on the Lusitania.
(c) Younger Brother in Texas and Father in his bed.
(d) Younger Brother in Bellview and Father in the Hindenberg.

3. After his mother's death, what does Houdini set out to do?
(a) Find a true medium who can communicate with the dead.
(b) Sue the doctors who did not keep her alive.
(c) Learn all he can about reincarnation.
(d) Find a baby that was born at the exact minute she died.

4. Where do Father and The Boy go in spite of the tension surrounding Coalhouse's being at large?
(a) On a drive through Harlem.
(b) A Giants baseball game.
(c) To Coney Island.
(d) To see the Statue of Liberty.

5. What happens one night that shakes the theater where Houdini had just performed?
(a) An explosion at the Emerald Isle Fire House.
(b) A German bomb attack on New York.
(c) A boiler blew up in the theater.
(d) A head-on train wreck.

6. What does Coalhouse Walker, Jr., do to identify himself.
(a) He spreads a rumor that he is the one the police are looking for.
(b) He leaves letters at newspapers that he wants the Fire Chief turned over to him and his car returned in new condition.
(c) He writes letter to the mayor saying that Father's fireworks factory will be next.
(d) He writes messaged on walls all over town that he wants to kill the Fire Chief.

7. What finally really captures Morgan's attention in the world?
(a) Renaissance art and music.
(b) The Holy Lands.
(c) Egyptology.
(d) The philosopher's stone.

8. Why does Father go to the police?
(a) To find out if the police know where Coalhouse is.
(b) To throw them off the trail of Coalhouse.
(c) To ask for police protection for his family.
(d) To tell what he knows about Coalhouse Walker, Jr.

9. Who becomes alarmed when a full military assault on the museum is suggested?
(a) The Bovernor of New York.
(b) The District Attorney.
(c) J. P. Morgan.
(d) A museum curator.

10. What happens to Sarah in the hospital?
(a) She dies.
(b) Coalhouse breaks their engagement.
(c) Sarah losses her memory.
(d) She recovers.

11. What happens to Sarah as she tries to approach a man she thought was the President?
(a) She is trampled by the crowd.
(b) She is hit in the chest with the butt of a rifle.
(c) She is turned away and not allowed to come close.
(d) Sheis stoned by the crowd.

12. When a reporter looks up Houdini to get his reaction to the escape, where is he found?
(a) In the theater.
(b) At his mother's grave.
(c) On his way to Europe.
(d) Escaping from a trunk in the East River.

13. Where do the cars come from that are used in the attacks?
(a) Younger Brother rents them.
(b) Communists loan them to Coalhouse.
(c) Emma Goldman arranges for them.
(d) The boys steal them and return them undamaged.

14. Who is arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?
(a) Houdini.
(b) Father.
(c) Emma Goldman.
(d) Younger Brother.

15. What has The Boy taken to doing now that Sarah is communicative?
(a) Asking Sarah endless questions.
(b) Reading to Sarah.
(c) Playing with the baby.
(d) Drawing pictures for Sarah.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father propose to do for Coalhouse?

2. What do the police discover as they go through the wreckage of the demolished building?

3. Why do Coalhouse and his boys end up in the marble museum?

4. What is the truth about Baron Ashkenazy?

5. Who shows up driving a new Model-T in front of The Boy's house?

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