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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the milk train going back to New Rochelle, what does Younger Brother contemplate?
(a) Buying a Model-T.
(b) A new poem.
(c) Getting married.
(d) Suicide.

2. Why does Baron Ashkenazy say his daughter is sad and seldom speaks?
(a) She suffered from migraines.
(b) Her mother had died some years ago.
(c) She had lost her kitten.
(d) She was missing Europe.

3. What happened to Ben Reitman in San Diego?
(a) He had been beaten and thrown in the ocean.
(b) He had won his first boxing match.
(c) He had performed in shakespeare plays.
(d) He had been tarred and feathered.

4. Who does Younger Brother attach himself to in Mexico?
(a) Maximilliano.
(b) Santa Ana.
(c) Francisco Villa.
(d) Simon Bolivar.

5. What is the first response to the police from the museum?
(a) A grenade thrown into the street.
(b) A gun shot.
(c) A mutilated Rembrandt.
(d) Dead silence.

6. Who in the family understands and admires Coalhouse?
(a) Father.
(b) The Boy.
(c) Mother.
(d) Younger Brother.

7. When the Negro man goes to the back door and asks for Sarah, what happens?
(a) Mother tells him to go away and never return.
(b) Mother invites him in for tea.
(c) Mother goes upstairs but Sarah refuses to come down.
(d) The Boy asks if he can ride in his car.

8. When a reporter looks up Houdini to get his reaction to the escape, where is he found?
(a) Escaping from a trunk in the East River.
(b) At his mother's grave.
(c) In the theater.
(d) On his way to Europe.

9. Where do the cars come from that are used in the attacks?
(a) Younger Brother rents them.
(b) Emma Goldman arranges for them.
(c) The boys steal them and return them undamaged.
(d) Communists loan them to Coalhouse.

10. What returns to Father at the sea in Atlantic City?
(a) Father's desire to make love to Mother.
(b) His color returns to normal.
(c) His weight begins to drop off.
(d) His hair begins to grow again on top of his head.

11. What event is a great disappointment to Morgan?
(a) The opening of his 1,000th bank.
(b) The Harry Houdini show in New York.
(c) His last birthday party when no one came.
(d) A dinner party of a dozen of the most powerful men in America.

12. What are the ages of Coalhouse's followers?
(a) Eighteen to twenties.
(b) From sixteen to seventy-two.
(c) Near Coalhouse's age.
(d) Men as old as sixty-five.

13. What kind of music does Coalhouse play?
(a) Minstrel show tunes.
(b) Modern jazz.
(c) Classical.
(d) Ragtime.

14. What became the decorating theme of that day after Morgan talked to Henry Ford?
(a) Dollar signs and the Ford logo.
(b) Images of ancient Egypt.
(c) Wallpaper with Ford cars going up and down.
(d) Pastoral mural wallpaper.

15. At that time, who was at the top of the business pyramid in the USA?
(a) Carnegie.
(b) Rockefeller.
(c) J. P. Morgan.
(d) Astor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to try and talk Coalhouse into surrendering?

2. Who leaves a message that he wants to meet with Coalhouse?

3. What happens to Sarah as she tries to approach a man she thought was the President?

4. Where is Sarah funeral held?

5. What had actually exploded that night?

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