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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Sarah funeral held?
(a) In the Bronx.
(b) In New Rochelle.
(c) In South Carolina.
(d) In Harlem.

2. Who does Coalhouse plan to kidnap and exchange for Willie Conklin?
(a) Harry Houdini.
(b) Pierpont Morgan.
(c) Henry Ford.
(d) Evelyn Nesbit.

3. What are the ages of Coalhouse's followers?
(a) Eighteen to twenties.
(b) From sixteen to seventy-two.
(c) Near Coalhouse's age.
(d) Men as old as sixty-five.

4. What worries Father after the baseball game?
(a) He thinks he sees Coalhouse in the crowd.
(b) A pickpocket has taken his wallet.
(c) He thinks he should not have left Mother alone.
(d) He is afraid they have missed the train.

5. Who becomes alarmed when a full military assault on the museum is suggested?
(a) J. P. Morgan.
(b) A museum curator.
(c) The Bovernor of New York.
(d) The District Attorney.

6. Who leaves a message that he wants to meet with Coalhouse?
(a) Fire Chief Conklin.
(b) Tateh.
(c) Younger Brother.
(d) The new police chief.

7. Why does Father go to the police?
(a) To tell what he knows about Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
(b) To throw them off the trail of Coalhouse.
(c) To ask for police protection for his family.
(d) To find out if the police know where Coalhouse is.

8. Where do Father and The Boy go in spite of the tension surrounding Coalhouse's being at large?
(a) To Coney Island.
(b) A Giants baseball game.
(c) On a drive through Harlem.
(d) To see the Statue of Liberty.

9. What physical abnormality does Pierpont Morgan have?
(a) Ears that stick straight out.
(b) A profound limp.
(c) Crossed eyes.
(d) A large, disfigured red nose.

10. What is Father worried about after the murders?
(a) That the community will think they helped Coalhouse commit the crime.
(b) That they have Coalhouse's baby in their home.
(c) That someone will try to blow up their house.
(d) That Coalhouse may run to them for refuge.

11. What does Father observe about the game of baseball as opposed to the way they played at Harvard twenty years before?
(a) It was crude rather than gentlemanly like at Harvard.
(b) The uniforms were more practical now.
(c) The rules had changed quite a bit.
(d) At Harvard the team was made up of immigrants.

12. What is the description of the man who led the attack on the fire station?
(a) A short man with coal dust on his face.
(b) A stout man wearing a bandana mask.
(c) An unidentified Negro male.
(d) A man who looked a lot like the Fire Chief.

13. What happens to Sarah in the hospital?
(a) She recovers.
(b) Sarah losses her memory.
(c) She dies.
(d) Coalhouse breaks their engagement.

14. Who arrives in a white town car and shoots a policeman and bombs Municipal Fire Station No. 2?
(a) Several black men holding shotguns.
(b) Coalhouse and Younger Brother.
(c) Coalhouse and some Italians.
(d) Masked men as undercover policemen.

15. What lecture does Emma Goldman give Younger Brother?
(a) That he should forget Evelyn and get on with his life.
(b) That he should travel to the West Coast.
(c) That he should organize the union in Father's business.
(d) That he should learn another trade and make some real money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who captures Mother's interest in Atlantic City?

2. In reality, who are the baron and his daughter?

3. When a reporter looks up Houdini to get his reaction to the escape, where is he found?

4. Why is Houdini's mothers grave covered with a mound of small stones?

5. What is Father's relationship with Mother after he returns from the Arctic?

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