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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Coalhouse and his boys end up in the marble museum?
(a) The Morgan house was heavily guarded.
(b) The boys scouted out the wrong building.
(c) The museum had more room.
(d) The boys could not find Morgan's house.

2. What happens when Red Jack Murray hits a high pop up ball?
(a) The umpire gets hit in the head.
(b) It hits Father in the face.
(c) The Boy catches it.
(d) Everyone boos the pitcher.

3. What event is a great disappointment to Morgan?
(a) His last birthday party when no one came.
(b) The opening of his 1,000th bank.
(c) A dinner party of a dozen of the most powerful men in America.
(d) The Harry Houdini show in New York.

4. On the milk train going back to New Rochelle, what does Younger Brother contemplate?
(a) Suicide.
(b) Buying a Model-T.
(c) Getting married.
(d) A new poem.

5. Where does Harry K. Thaw go after his escape?
(a) Europe.
(b) To Evelyn's apartment.
(c) Canada.
(d) To New Rochelle.

6. When the Negro man goes to the back door and asks for Sarah, what happens?
(a) Mother tells him to go away and never return.
(b) The Boy asks if he can ride in his car.
(c) Mother invites him in for tea.
(d) Mother goes upstairs but Sarah refuses to come down.

7. What does Father propose to do for Coalhouse?
(a) Repair the car and bribe the Fire House to return it.
(b) Buy Coalhouse a new car.
(c) Pay Coalhouse's employer to increase his salary.
(d) Find Coalhouse a much better job.

8. Where do Younger Brother and Father die?
(a) Younger Brother in Mexico and Father on the Lusitania.
(b) Younger Brother in Texas and Father in his bed.
(c) Younger Brother in Bellview and Father in the Hindenberg.
(d) Younger Brother in a train wreck and Father in the hospital.

9. Most people think that it was the work of a group of armed men, but what does the newspaper suggest?
(a) It was the Fire Chief.
(b) It was an inside job.
(c) It was someone who mistook the station for a bank.
(d) It was the work of one crazed killer.

10. What resemblance does Morgan see in Henry Ford?
(a) A resemblance to Thomas Jefferson.
(b) A resemblance to a golden eagle.
(c) A resemblance of Sethi I, Pharoah of Egypt.
(d) A resemblance to Napoleon Bonapart.

11. At that time, who was at the top of the business pyramid in the USA?
(a) Rockefeller.
(b) Astor.
(c) J. P. Morgan.
(d) Carnegie.

12. What does Morgan bring back from Europe every year?
(a) Skilled workers to work on his projects.
(b) Orphans he adopted every year.
(c) Art, rare manuscripts, jades, bronzes, tapestries, and crystal.
(d) Boatloads of gold and silver.

13. What happens to Sarah as she tries to approach a man she thought was the President?
(a) She is trampled by the crowd.
(b) She is turned away and not allowed to come close.
(c) Sheis stoned by the crowd.
(d) She is hit in the chest with the butt of a rifle.

14. Where does Younger Brother go?
(a) Canada.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Alaska.
(d) Washington state.

15. Why is it a busy time of the year for Father's business?
(a) It is the start of football season.
(b) It is nearly Valentine's Day.
(c) It is nearing the Fourth of July.
(d) It is close to New Year's Eve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Sarah funeral held?

2. What do the police discover as they go through the wreckage of the demolished building?

3. What does Younger Brother tell Emilio Zapata?

4. When a reporter looks up Houdini to get his reaction to the escape, where is he found?

5. Who wrote Morgan's favorite story, The Birthmark?

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