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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally really captures Morgan's attention in the world?
(a) The philosopher's stone.
(b) Renaissance art and music.
(c) Egyptology.
(d) The Holy Lands.

2. What does Younger Brother tell Emilio Zapata?
(a) That he knows President Taft.
(b) That he can make bombs and repair rifles.
(c) That he can get recruits from New York.
(d) That he is an expert sniper.

3. Who is arrested after Coalhouse takes over the museum?
(a) Houdini.
(b) Emma Goldman.
(c) Father.
(d) Younger Brother.

4. What does Sarah decide to do to help Coalhouse?
(a) Petition the United States Government.
(b) Contact Emma Goldman.
(c) Start a petition.
(d) Picket the Emerald Isle fire station.

5. At that time, who was at the top of the business pyramid in the USA?
(a) Carnegie.
(b) J. P. Morgan.
(c) Rockefeller.
(d) Astor.

6. Who does Morgan want to meet?
(a) Sarah Burnhardt.
(b) Father.
(c) Henry Ford.
(d) Evelyn Nesbit.

7. In reality, who are the baron and his daughter?
(a) Movie actors from Edison's studio.
(b) A labor organizer and his niece.
(c) Tateh and The Girl.
(d) A Vaudeville father and daughter act.

8. How does the knowledge of Coalhouse Walker's activities eventually become known?
(a) A black lawyer gets information from one of Coalhouse's gang.
(b) Coalhouse writes everything down to be opened after his death.
(c) One of the gang members drops out and goes to the police.
(d) Younger Brother keeps a diary of every day with Coalhouse.

9. What is Father's relationship with Mother after he returns from the Arctic?
(a) They slip into an undemanding companionship.
(b) Father thinks she does not measure up to the Esquimo woman.
(c) They no longer share a bedroom.
(d) They go back to being like newly weds.

10. On the milk train going back to New Rochelle, what does Younger Brother contemplate?
(a) Getting married.
(b) A new poem.
(c) Buying a Model-T.
(d) Suicide.

11. What is the first response to the police from the museum?
(a) A grenade thrown into the street.
(b) A gun shot.
(c) Dead silence.
(d) A mutilated Rembrandt.

12. What is the description of the man who led the attack on the fire station?
(a) A man who looked a lot like the Fire Chief.
(b) An unidentified Negro male.
(c) A short man with coal dust on his face.
(d) A stout man wearing a bandana mask.

13. Who arrives in a white town car and shoots a policeman and bombs Municipal Fire Station No. 2?
(a) Coalhouse and Younger Brother.
(b) Masked men as undercover policemen.
(c) Coalhouse and some Italians.
(d) Several black men holding shotguns.

14. How is the funeral described?
(a) Bleak.
(b) Pitiful.
(c) Lavish.
(d) Small and intimate.

15. Who shows up driving a new Model-T in front of The Boy's house?
(a) Harry Houdini looking for Father.
(b) Emma Goldman looking for Mother.
(c) A Negro man looking for Sarah.
(d) Evelyn Nesbit looking for Younger Brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the police discover as they go through the wreckage of the demolished building?

2. What does Coalhouse Walker, Jr., do to identify himself.

3. How do Father and Mother sometimes travel down the boardwalk in Atlantic City?

4. What lecture does Emma Goldman give Younger Brother?

5. How had Father gotten his start in business?

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