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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the funeral described?
(a) Lavish.
(b) Bleak.
(c) Small and intimate.
(d) Pitiful.

2. What is the description of the man who led the attack on the fire station?
(a) An unidentified Negro male.
(b) A man who looked a lot like the Fire Chief.
(c) A stout man wearing a bandana mask.
(d) A short man with coal dust on his face.

3. What is Father's relationship with Mother after he returns from the Arctic?
(a) They no longer share a bedroom.
(b) They go back to being like newly weds.
(c) Father thinks she does not measure up to the Esquimo woman.
(d) They slip into an undemanding companionship.

4. Where does Harry K. Thaw go after his escape?
(a) Europe.
(b) Canada.
(c) To Evelyn's apartment.
(d) To New Rochelle.

5. Why do Coalhouse and his boys end up in the marble museum?
(a) The Morgan house was heavily guarded.
(b) The boys could not find Morgan's house.
(c) The museum had more room.
(d) The boys scouted out the wrong building.

6. What happens when Red Jack Murray hits a high pop up ball?
(a) The Boy catches it.
(b) It hits Father in the face.
(c) Everyone boos the pitcher.
(d) The umpire gets hit in the head.

7. What event is a great disappointment to Morgan?
(a) The opening of his 1,000th bank.
(b) A dinner party of a dozen of the most powerful men in America.
(c) The Harry Houdini show in New York.
(d) His last birthday party when no one came.

8. What do the police discover as they go through the wreckage of the demolished building?
(a) The fire started when a cook stove blew up.
(b) A fireman had thrown a cigarette into a gas can.
(c) Two of the victims had been shot; it was a case of murder.
(d) The building exploded because of an earthquake.

9. What is the first response to the police from the museum?
(a) Dead silence.
(b) A grenade thrown into the street.
(c) A mutilated Rembrandt.
(d) A gun shot.

10. Why is Houdini's mothers grave covered with a mound of small stones?
(a) Each stone has a message written on it.
(b) It is a Jewish custome to leave a samll stone at every visit to a gravesite.
(c) It is a new cenetary and no grass has been planted yert.
(d) They are there to discourage grave robbers.

11. When a reporter looks up Houdini to get his reaction to the escape, where is he found?
(a) At his mother's grave.
(b) In the theater.
(c) Escaping from a trunk in the East River.
(d) On his way to Europe.

12. Who arrives in a white town car and shoots a policeman and bombs Municipal Fire Station No. 2?
(a) Coalhouse and some Italians.
(b) Coalhouse and Younger Brother.
(c) Several black men holding shotguns.
(d) Masked men as undercover policemen.

13. What happens to Sarah in the hospital?
(a) Sarah losses her memory.
(b) She dies.
(c) Coalhouse breaks their engagement.
(d) She recovers.

14. What does Coalhouse say that causes Sarah to cry and hold the baby?
(a) That he will only marry her after he has killed the fire chief.
(b) That the wedding if off because he has no car now.
(c) That he cannot marry her until his car is returned in new condition.
(d) That he will have to go away to make money for the wedding.

15. What does Sarah decide to do to help Coalhouse?
(a) Contact Emma Goldman.
(b) Picket the Emerald Isle fire station.
(c) Petition the United States Government.
(d) Start a petition.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does he insist on living a grand style in Europe?

2. What does the family learn about Coalhouse Walker, Jr.?

3. What lecture does Emma Goldman give Younger Brother?

4. Who does Morgan want to meet?

5. Who wrote Morgan's favorite story, The Birthmark?

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