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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the arrival of the immigrants symbolize?
(a) That a famine is headed for America.
(b) That there are changes coming for the country.
(c) That the weather will turn bad.
(d) That the world economy is failing.

2. Who was in the opposite cell of The Tombs as the great escape artist worked his feat?
(a) Carl Jung.
(b) Theodore Dreiser.
(c) Harry K. Shaw.
(d) Al Jolson.

3. Where do Tateh and The Girl go to warm up after spending the night in the train station?
(a) A synagogue.
(b) A movie theater.
(c) A Philadelphia Department Store.
(d) A small cafe.

4. How does Tateh entertain The Girl at home?
(a) He teaches her old Yiddish songs.
(b) He teaches her how to dance.
(c) He tells her stories of the old country.
(d) He makes silhouette thumb books for her to look at.

5. What stories does Grandfather tell The Boy?
(a) Tales of the Old West.
(b) Tales from Ovid.
(c) Tales from his youth.
(d) Aesop's fables.

6. With whom is Father planning to travel to the North Pole?
(a) Ronald Amundsen.
(b) Admiral Robert Peary.
(c) David Livingstone.
(d) Charles Lindburg.

7. What is Father's great guilt?
(a) That he had lost his interest in business.
(b) That he had killed an auk.
(c) That he had slept with an Esquimo woman.
(d) That he had not thought of his family while he was gone.

8. What do they do the day before the expedition heads out for the North Pole?
(a) Choose Esquimo women to drive their dog sleds.
(b) Tear down the igloos they had built on deck.
(c) Spend a day in prayer and fasting.
(d) Climb the bird cliffs to catch birds and collect eggs.

9. What was the physical condition of the rich prior to William Howard Taft becoming President?
(a) Generally obese.
(b) Healthy and muscular.
(c) Wafer thin.
(d) Sickly and pale.

10. What is Goldman's political stance?
(a) Abolutionism.
(b) Anarchism.
(c) Republicanism.
(d) Socialism.

11. What does Father manufacture?
(a) Mason jars and Coke bottles.
(b) Flags, patriotic bunting and fireworks.
(c) Pianos and harps.
(d) Nuts and bolts.

12. Why does Evelyn call the old man Tateh?
(a) Because she met him on Tateh Street.
(b) Because he cannot pronounce his Hebrew name.
(c) Because he would not tell her his real name.
(d) Because his clothes looked tattered.

13. Why does Father not go to the Pole with Perry?
(a) Perry and Father do not get along well.
(b) Parts of Father's body keep on freezing each day.
(c) Father prefers to remain with the Esquimos.
(d) Father decides the whole thing is silly.

14. Seeing the man who has been following her, what does Evelyn think?
(a) That he is a fan who wants her autograph.
(b) That he's a policeman assigned to protect her.
(c) That he's a detective hired by her mother-in-law to follow her.
(d) That he is a deranged man stalking her.

15. What was Freud's judgment about America?
(a) He said it was ahead of its time.
(b) He said it was a poor copy of Europe.
(c) He said it was a gigantic mistake.
(d) He said it had left eruope behind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Evelyn do with most of her money?

2. What is Little Boy wishing for?

3. Why are Tateh and the girl at home that day?

4. What happens when a woman striker is shot?

5. As the strike wears on, what is being done for the children?

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