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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom is Father planning to travel to the North Pole?
(a) Charles Lindburg.
(b) Admiral Robert Peary.
(c) David Livingstone.
(d) Ronald Amundsen.

2. Why is Houdini brooding while walking the streets of New York?
(a) He is thinking about the possibility of his death.
(b) He wants to become a pilot but no one will teach him.
(c) He cannot come up with any new tricks because he has done them all.
(d) It is real world adventures that people remember and not his magic tricks.

3. Where does The Boy get some of Tateh's silhouettes?
(a) Where Younger Brother had thrown them in the trash.
(b) Evelyn Nesbit gives them to him.
(c) At a flea market in New York.
(d) From a penny store in New Rochelle.

4. What kind of car is Evelyn being chauffeured in as she goes around in New York?
(a) A Packard Limousine.
(b) A REO.
(c) A Ford Model A.
(d) A black Detroit Electric.

5. Where is the train headed?
(a) Boston.
(b) Omaha.
(c) Philadelphia.
(d) Cincinati.

6. What do they do the day before the expedition heads out for the North Pole?
(a) Choose Esquimo women to drive their dog sleds.
(b) Spend a day in prayer and fasting.
(c) Tear down the igloos they had built on deck.
(d) Climb the bird cliffs to catch birds and collect eggs.

7. What do most of the 1mmigrants find as they settle in New York?
(a) They still have to struggle to survive.
(b) They cannot locate their relatives.
(c) They have free housing and food.
(d) They find many good paying jobs.

8. What happens when Tateh is beaten by the police and the train The Girl is on starts to move?
(a) He calls down a curse from heaven.
(b) He grabs a gun from a militiaman and starts shooting.
(c) He runs and grabs onto the back guardrail of the train.
(d) He sits down and starts crying.

9. What does Riis call his colored map of Manhattan?
(a) A crazy quilt of races.
(b) A colored chart of districts.
(c) Better than a train schedule.
(d) A guide to the theaters.

10. Why does The Girl like the strike?
(a) It gets her out of the one room apartment.
(b) She gets to meet many people.
(c) She gets to wear her new coat.
(d) She likes the snow.

11. At the jail called The Tombs, what do the guards invent?
(a) A new type of leg irons they claim to be inescapable.
(b) An escape-proof solitary confinement cell.
(c) New handcuffs that cannot be opened without a key.
(d) A jail cell that cannot be opened without a key and a combination.

12. Who becomes Evelyn's lover?
(a) Tateh.
(b) Goldman.
(c) Houdini.
(d) Younger Brother.

13. What does The Boy think happens to people, animals, or objects in a motion picture?
(a) They show what is really inside of themselves.
(b) They come alive after everyone leaves the theater.
(c) They continually repeat themselves.
(d) They leave parts of themselves behind in the shadows.

14. What does Father manufacture?
(a) Mason jars and Coke bottles.
(b) Nuts and bolts.
(c) Pianos and harps.
(d) Flags, patriotic bunting and fireworks.

15. Is Perry able to locate the exact spot of the North Pole?
(a) Yes, because the house of Santa Claus is there.
(b) No, but there is no doubt he was there.
(c) No, because the compass does not function there.
(d) Yes, because of the red and white pole standing there.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes the Little Girl to stop working?

2. The winter The Boy was skating on the pond, where were Tateh and The Girl?

3. What does Father see in his bathroom mirror after he returns?

4. What change is obvious in Younger Brother?

5. What does Evelyn see that causes her to order the driver to stop the car?

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