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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Doctorow suggest Sigmund Freud's revenge on America was?
(a) Sending his European students to America.
(b) Destroying sex in America forever.
(c) Having so many psychiatrists in America.
(d) Turning Carl Jung loose on America.

2. Who becomes Evelyn's lover?
(a) Tateh.
(b) Houdini.
(c) Younger Brother.
(d) Goldman.

3. What does Evelyn see that causes her to order the driver to stop the car?
(a) A sale on shawls.
(b) A lost puppy.
(c) A dirty-faced girl.
(d) An organ grinder with a monkey.

4. Is Perry able to locate the exact spot of the North Pole?
(a) No, but there is no doubt he was there.
(b) Yes, because the house of Santa Claus is there.
(c) No, because the compass does not function there.
(d) Yes, because of the red and white pole standing there.

5. What began to be heard in the ghettos?
(a) The sounds of piano lessons.
(b) The people speaking English.
(c) The rattle of streetcars.
(d) The calls of ice venders.

6. Who was in the opposite cell of The Tombs as the great escape artist worked his feat?
(a) Theodore Dreiser.
(b) Carl Jung.
(c) Harry K. Shaw.
(d) Al Jolson.

7. At the trial, how does Evelyn depict herself at age fifteen?
(a) As a waitress who wanted to be an actress.
(b) As a spoiled rich girl who destroyed men.
(c) Sitting in a velvet swing as a wealthy industrialist ogled her calves.
(d) As a simple minded girl who would do anyrthing for any man.

8. What change is obvious in Younger Brother?
(a) He has dyed his hair black.
(b) He has had his photo in the newspapers with Evelyn Nesbit.
(c) He has taken to working twelve and fifteen hours a day.
(d) He has taken a job in New York City.

9. As the strike wears on, what is being done for the children?
(a) They are given extra rations in the soup kitchens.
(b) They are sent to private schools.
(c) They are enlisted to march in the picket lines.
(d) They are being boarded by wealthy families in other cities.

10. Who does Mother call after she and the maid clean up the baby?
(a) Her next door neighbor.
(b) A doctor and the police.
(c) The Welfare Department.
(d) Grandfather.

11. When Freud visited New York and saw the early motion pictures, what was his thought?
(a) These could be used on my patients.
(b) Americans have too much leisure time.
(c) At least they are silent.
(d) They hurt my eyes.

12. Where does The Boy get some of Tateh's silhouettes?
(a) Evelyn Nesbit gives them to him.
(b) At a flea market in New York.
(c) From a penny store in New Rochelle.
(d) Where Younger Brother had thrown them in the trash.

13. What was the physical condition of the rich prior to William Howard Taft becoming President?
(a) Sickly and pale.
(b) Healthy and muscular.
(c) Generally obese.
(d) Wafer thin.

14. What is Little Boy wishing for?
(a) A new bicycle.
(b) A new car for his family.
(c) An exciting life like Harry Houdini's.
(d) To go with Father to the North Pole.

15. What does Tateh have that finally makes them money?
(a) The Girl's new cloak and hat.
(b) His art supplies.
(c) His new coat and tie.
(d) The flip book he made for The Girl which he sells for $25.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plea does Shaw's mother want him to make in court but he flatly refuses?

2. Why does Harry K. Shaw receive special privileges in jail?

3. Who took up the dare to escape from The Tombs?

4. What is Father's great guilt?

5. How has The Boy changed?

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