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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does The Boy get some of Tateh's silhouettes?
(a) From a penny store in New Rochelle.
(b) At a flea market in New York.
(c) Evelyn Nesbit gives them to him.
(d) Where Younger Brother had thrown them in the trash.

2. What is Father's great guilt?
(a) That he had not thought of his family while he was gone.
(b) That he had killed an auk.
(c) That he had slept with an Esquimo woman.
(d) That he had lost his interest in business.

3. What does the arrival of the immigrants symbolize?
(a) That the world economy is failing.
(b) That the weather will turn bad.
(c) That a famine is headed for America.
(d) That there are changes coming for the country.

4. With whom is Father planning to travel to the North Pole?
(a) Ronald Amundsen.
(b) David Livingstone.
(c) Admiral Robert Peary.
(d) Charles Lindburg.

5. What does Riis call his colored map of Manhattan?
(a) A colored chart of districts.
(b) Better than a train schedule.
(c) A guide to the theaters.
(d) A crazy quilt of races.

6. How is it possible for them to travel cheaply?
(a) They stop in each town and Tateh does his silhouettes.
(b) They get a discount because of the girl.
(c) They can change lines at each rail terminus and keep going.
(d) They slip into empty cattle cars and hide from the watchmen.

7. To where does Younger Brother ride the streetcar?
(a) To the end of the line.
(b) To the community college.
(c) To Woolworth's.
(d) To the Rialto Theater.

8. What causes the Little Girl to stop working?
(a) She is kidnapped by pimps.
(b) She is forced to go to school.
(c) She falls and breaks her hand.
(d) She gets tuberculosis.

9. What happened often when Freud was around Jung?
(a) He listened intently.
(b) He laughed uproarously.
(c) He wanted to throw up.
(d) He had fainting fits.

10. What does The Boy think happens to people, animals, or objects in a motion picture?
(a) They leave parts of themselves behind in the shadows.
(b) They come alive after everyone leaves the theater.
(c) They show what is really inside of themselves.
(d) They continually repeat themselves.

11. What was a popular type of entertainment show in those days?
(a) Color motion pictures.
(b) Minstrels in black face.
(c) Sing alongs.
(d) Classic concerts.

12. Who took up the dare to escape from The Tombs?
(a) P. T. Barnum.
(b) John Dillinger.
(c) Harry Houdini.
(d) Jesse James.

13. which immigrants are sent back home?
(a) Thos who cannot read.
(b) Those who are criminals.
(c) Those too old or ill.
(d) Those from Africa.

14. What does Father notice as the expedition sails out of the harbor?
(a) The U.S. Navy escort ship.
(b) A fireworks display in thier honor.
(c) How the temperature is already dropping.
(d) A rag ship arraving with new immigrants.

15. What does Mameh finally do to make extra money?
(a) Work as a roommaid in a hotel.
(b) Submit to the advances of her employer.
(c) Shoplift from small stores.
(d) Dance in a burlesque house.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has The Boy changed?

2. What does Mother find buried in her garden?

3. What does Tateh do for the strike organizers?

4. Where are the immigrants ushered as they enter New York Harbor?

5. What is worrying Mother back in New Rochelle?

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