Ragtime Character Descriptions

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Harry K. Thaw - Man on trial for murdering his wife's lover.

Willie Conklin - The fire chief of the Emerald Isle Company, and the instigator of the actions against Coalhouse Walker.

Father - He owns a company that makes fireworks, flags, and other patriotic decorations. He is an explorer with a good reputation, invited to go along with Admiral Perry on an Arctic exploration.

Sigmund Freud - He visits the United States early in the book, experiences popular culture, and declares, "America is a mistake, a gigantic mistake."

Harry Houdini - He is a show-business phenomenon of his day, escaping from increasingly more difficult situations and tighter chains.

The Little Boy - It is his consciousness that grows throughout this story beginning with the impressions of someone young and naive and maturing as the story goes along.

J. Pierpont Morgan - An actual historical figure who...

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