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Short Answer Questions

1. What picks up Dick and the person who fell off the ferry in Chapter 26?

2. What does Dick's neighbor say he is missing in Chapter 22?

3. Who is Dick's landlady in Chapter 16?

4. What does Dick report at the bank in Chapter 22?

5. Where do Dick and Frank take a ferry to in Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dick's early history.

2. Why is Dick fired from his job in Chapter 1?

3. Describe the merchants in New York that Frank and Dick interact with in Chapter 5.

4. How does Dick's good habits rub off on Henry, and how does he help Henry in Chapter 18?

5. How does Frank attempt to help Dick improve his social status and quality of life in Chapters 5-8?

6. Compare Frank and Dick.

7. Describe Dick.

8. How does Dick assist the police and the young man who was robbed in Chapter 10?

9. How does Dick's good samaritan deed land him a job in Chapter 26?

10. What does Dick have to change in order to be acceptable in society in Chapter 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Romance takes on an aggressive quality in Ragged Dick and Mark the Match Boy. Who are the two characters pursuing Lizzie Hexam? Whom does she like and whom does she avoid and why? What do her suitors have in common, and where are they different? Discuss.

Essay Topic 2

Greed is another important theme of Ragged Dick and Mark the Match Boy. Greed in this novel is depicted in relation to money, possessions, and social status. Who is greedy in Ragged Dick and Mark the Match Boy? Who exhibits kindliness and generosity of spirit? Who desires what and how are these desires manifested? Do they change over time? Describe.

Essay Topic 3

Money has particular significance in Ragged Dick and Mark the Match Boy. What is the significance of having money in the story? Who chases after money? Who has money? Who loses money? Who gains money? What does Alger ultimately say about money through the characters of Mark and Dick? What is the importance of this discovery and the characters' roles? Explain.

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