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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dick sleep at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) A barn.
(b) A loft.
(c) A wooden box with hay in it.
(d) A rooming house.

2. In Chapter 15, Dick helps out ______________.
(a) Fosdick.
(b) Henry.
(c) Mickey.
(d) Mark.

3. What did the clerk do with the bills?
(a) Lost them.
(b) Locked them up.
(c) Switched them.
(d) Stole them.

4. What does Frank buy Dick at a clothing store?
(a) A tie.
(b) A pair of pants.
(c) A cap.
(d) A shirt.

5. How much does Dick pay to rent a room per week in Chapter 12?
(a) Seventy-five cents.
(b) One dollar.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) Twelve dollars.

6. What does Dick open in Chapter 14 to save money?
(a) A desk.
(b) A bank account.
(c) A computer station.
(d) A chest of drawers.

7. Who is Dick's first customer?
(a) Greyson.
(b) Dreiser.
(c) Bullack.
(d) Tommy.

8. Where do Frank and Dick see many clothing stores in Chapter 5?
(a) Main Street.
(b) Trafalgar Square.
(c) Chatham Street.
(d) West Street.

9. Where does Frank live?
(a) In the country.
(b) In a school.
(c) In the city.
(d) On a boat.

10. When Dick hides in the bank, who enters in Chapter 22?
(a) Will.
(b) Mark.
(c) Travis.
(d) Ida.

11. Who studies for two hours every evening in Chapter 18?
(a) Henry.
(b) Mark.
(c) Guilford.
(d) Dick.

12. What does the person who enters the bank while Dick hides claim is his name in Chapter 22?
(a) Travis Will.
(b) Buffy Pollack.
(c) Randy Smith.
(d) Dick Hunter.

13. Where does Dick sleep in Chapter 7?
(a) Main Street Landing.
(b) Primary Zone.
(c) Newsboys' Lodging House.
(d) Underground Lair.

14. What will the boot black give Dick in return for lodging?
(a) Jewelry.
(b) Lessons.
(c) Books.
(d) Clothes.

15. Where is Dick invited to visit in a note in Chapter 26?
(a) Pearl Street.
(b) Winooski Street.
(c) Main Street.
(d) Cliff Street.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who falls in the water off the ferry and is rescued by Dick in Chapter 26?

2. What does Henry need to buy in order to get a new job in Chapter 18?

3. Where does Frank and Dick stop for ice cream in Chapter 5?

4. What does Dick report at the bank in Chapter 22?

5. To whom does Dick show a letter in Chapter 25?

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