Ragged Dick and Mark, the Match Boy Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Dick Hunter - This character sells newspapers and matches. The character eventually becomes a bookkeeper.

Mark Manton - This character is an orphan who survives by selling matches. The character is reunited with a long-lost grandparent.

Frank Whitney - This character lives in the country on the Hudson River. The character is a descendant of a machine inventor.

Mr. Greyson - This character is married, has a nine-year-old daughter, teaches Sunday school, and helps another character get a job.

Hiram Bates - This character is a business owner who repays a debt owed to another character's father. The character goes in search of a grandchild.

Roswell Crawford - This character is a snobbish clerk who steals from an employer, is caught, and fired.

Henry Fosdick - This character is a boot-black who tutors a friend in exchange for lodging and works at a hat shop.

Ben Gibson...

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