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Gordon S. Wood
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who spoke for and was responsible for servants, slaves, and tenants?
(a) The colonial government.
(b) They were responsible for themselves.
(c) The head of the household.
(d) No one was responsible for them.

2. How could a colonial adolescent master a particular skill or learn a discipline?
(a) Be indentured or go to school.
(b) Be privately tutored.
(c) Learn from parents.
(d) Learn from a sibling.

3. Who must yield power for a government to be good?
(a) Disinterested men.
(b) Wealthy men.
(c) Men who care about society.
(d) Men interested in politics.

4. What circumstance was unknown in small scale colonial American society?
(a) Opposition.
(b) Dissent.
(c) Privacy.
(d) Conformity.

5. Who said America was "just emerging from the rude unpolished condition of an infant country"?
(a) William Livingston.
(b) George Washington.
(c) Joseph Addison.
(d) Jonathan Mayhew.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the highest level of knowledge of a trade in colonial America?

2. What did the revolutionaries mean when they said they supported equality?

3. What percentage of southern colonists were aristocrats?

4. In colonial America, what was commonly manufactured in enormous quantities by the farming population?

5. What was the ideology of the Enlightenment?

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