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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Chapter 3 - Popular - Festive Forms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The figure of the Physician in the Fourth Book is closely connected with:
(a) Death and birth.
(b) Thought and spirit.
(c) Heresy.
(d) Alchemy.

2. How does Bakhtin define the novel?
(a) As a worthless type of literature.
(b) As a work of pure imagination.
(c) As a multiplicity of styles.
(d) As a single-voiced text.

3. According to Bakhtin, what is the function of art?
(a) To glorify the artist.
(b) To be beautiful in and of itself.
(c) To be sold for money or services.
(d) To communicate meaningful messages.

4. Bakhtin associates Friar John's beating of the men with:
(a) The last charge of Charlemagne.
(b) Juvenalian satires of public figures.
(c) The Dionysian feast of the grape harvest.
(d) Market vendors who assault non-paying customers.

5. What is especially apparent in Rabelais' own "Pantagruelesque Prognostic" prophecy?
(a) Predictions concerning lovers.
(b) Images of the material body and of festivity.
(c) Predictions of wars and slaughter.
(d) Images of the wrath of nature and of destruction.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some critics argue has been absent from Russian literature?

2. According to Bakhtin, what is directly related to the oversized foods common at Renaissance feasts?

3. "Tripe" literally refers to:

4. Which side of the Renaissance debate about the nature of women and wedlock did Rabelais tend to take?

5. How did the French Romanticists respond to Rabelais' works?

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