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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Chapter 3 - Popular - Festive Forms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the "intelligentsia"?
(a) A group of exclusively male scholars.
(b) The bits of knowledge all people accumulate over their lifetimes.
(c) A group which provides an interpretation of the world.
(d) An elite spy organization.

2. During the "feast of fools" and the "feast of the ass," laughter:
(a) Was forbidden because of the sacredness of the festival.
(b) Was forbidden everywhere but the marketplace.
(c) Was encouraged even in church.
(d) Was regulated by the town fools and farmers.

3. What are examples of carnivalesque victims?
(a) Stray dogs and street orphans.
(b) Peasants and tax collectors.
(c) Blushing virgins and old maids.
(d) Debased clowns and slaughtered oxen.

4. What is especially apparent in Rabelais' own "Pantagruelesque Prognostic" prophecy?
(a) Predictions of wars and slaughter.
(b) Images of the wrath of nature and of destruction.
(c) Images of the material body and of festivity.
(d) Predictions concerning lovers.

5. During Bakhtin's time, what genre was being closely defined by the Soviet government?
(a) The biography.
(b) The epic poem.
(c) The novel.
(d) The lyric.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bakhtin find to be the greatest error other critics make in their studies of Rabelais' works?

2. The combination of solemnity and joking in the tone of the Prologue to the Third Book indicates:

3. Gargamelle gives birth to Gargantua as a result of:

4. How does Friar John interpret the riddle he and Gargantua hear?

5. Why did Renaissance humanists attempt to suppress oaths and profanities?

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