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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Chapter 3 - Popular - Festive Forms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "sia ammazzato" of which Goethe writes?
(a) The great feast in the middle of Carnival where everyone eats tripe.
(b) The final event of Carnival, in which the Church gives alms to the poor.
(c) A portion of Carnival where everyone tries to blow out each other's candles.
(d) A parade showcasing exotic animals and curious goods from distant lands.

2. What common fifteenth- and sixteenth-century literary device does Bakhtin identify in the Prologue to the Third Book?
(a) Invocations to the Muse.
(b) Complaints about love.
(c) Long lists of names and epithets.
(d) Blank verse.

3. What happened to Rabelais after his novel was published?
(a) He was questioned about his loyalty to France, then drafted into the army.
(b) He was severely censured by the Church, then imprisoned and killed.
(c) He was praised for his honest portrayals of the people and given a government pension.
(d) He was attacked by the Church and the government, but he remained free and successful.

4. How is the Rabelaisian use of tripe an excellent example of grotesque realism?
(a) It merges the positive and negative, or upper and lower, spheres of the body.
(b) It combines fantasy with reality in one type of cuisine.
(c) It is the epitome of disgusting.
(d) It is a drug which offers the user a glimpse of a higher plane of existence.

5. How does Rabelais accomplish the grotesque degradation of his target in the prologue to the Third Book?
(a) By declaring the targets incapable of the basest bodily functions.
(b) By declaring the targets to be empty-headed.
(c) By accusing the targets of paganism and crimes against the Church.
(d) By insulting the targets' mothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. The combination of solemnity and joking in the tone of the Prologue to the Third Book indicates:

2. How is a "prophetic riddle" game carnivalesque in nature?

3. Rabelais expresses the debasement of suffering and fear by associating them with:

4. "Tripe" literally refers to:

5. Rabelais' description of Alcibiades reflects:

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