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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Chapter 3 - Popular - Festive Forms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Friar John beat thousands of men in his abbey?
(a) Another Friar challenged him.
(b) As a show of force to deter invaders.
(c) To save France from atheism.
(d) To save the abbey's vineyards.

2. In Rabelais' time, jurons, or profanities and oaths, were most often concerned with:
(a) Family ties, such as one's in-laws.
(b) Sacred themes, such as saints and relics.
(c) Marketplace vendors who cheated their customers.
(d) Monarchs who subjugated their people.

3. Mikhail Bakhtin is:
(a) A vocal Eastern Orthodox cleric.
(b) A somewhat mysterious but increasingly interesting literary figure.
(c) A fictional figure created to be the mouthpiece of an anonymous author.
(d) The most famous Russian writer ever.

4. Bakhtin thinks that life is:
(a) Meaningless and futile.
(b) Inert, chaotic, and requiring the intervention of art.
(c) Organized by human acts of behavior and cognition.
(d) A sacrifice the soul makes to the body.

5. What was the reception of Rabelais' work in the eighteenth century?
(a) Other writers used his topics as a jumping-off point for their own works.
(b) His work was viewed as unintelligible and barbaric.
(c) Other writers strove to emulate his style.
(d) His work was viewed as a revival of Classical writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the "Catchpoles" of which Rabelais writes?

2. During Bakhtin's time, what genre was being closely defined by the Soviet government?

3. The combination of solemnity and joking in the tone of the Prologue to the Third Book indicates:

4. In the Renaissance, bodily excretions were closely associated with:

5. In Rabelais' time, why was the meaning of debasement often ambivalent?

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