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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Intro. cont. & Chapter 1 - Rabelais in the History of Laughter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bakhtin consider the most indispensable element of folk culture?
(a) Fables.
(b) Death rituals.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Carnival.

2. In the seventeenth century, the decline of laughter as a primary force in folk culture resulted from:
(a) The declining number of Carnival performers.
(b) The need of the public for other forms of diversion.
(c) The exhaustion of any new sources of humor.
(d) An increasingly "official" culture of rationalism.

3. What was unique about the Russian Revolution?
(a) Only the elite class was involved.
(b) People of all classes and occupations were centrally involved.
(c) It was purely a religious revolt.
(d) It continues into the present day.

4. How are Bakhtin and Rabelais similar?
(a) They both write mostly novels.
(b) They both directly challenge the government by running for political office.
(c) They live in the same country.
(d) They both subvert the social prohibition on laughter, satire, and irony.

5. What does Bakhtin find to be the greatest error other critics make in their studies of Rabelais' works?
(a) They neglect to explore the element of the Renaissance folk culture.
(b) They classify Rabelais as just as important as Shakespeare and Cervantes.
(c) They read Rabelais' works as allegory only.
(d) They treat Rabelais as a prophet of literary upheavals.

Short Answer Questions

1. The purpose of "travesty" in folk festivals was to:

2. How did the French Romanticists respond to Rabelais' works?

3. Carnival allowed:

4. When did the Russian Revolution occur?

5. Bakhtin believes that novels are:

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