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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Chapter 3 - Popular-Festive Forms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why, according to Bakhtin, does Rabelais treat excrement ambivalently?
(a) Because it is intermediate between earth and body.
(b) Because it is evidence of humankind's presence on the earth.
(c) Because it exclusively connotes badness or evil.
(d) Because its purpose was a mystery in the Renaissance.

2. What are examples of carnivalesque victims?
(a) Stray dogs and street orphans.
(b) Peasants and tax collectors.
(c) Debased clowns and slaughtered oxen.
(d) Blushing virgins and old maids.

3. What does Rabelais parody in his response to the episode of Gargantua's birth?
(a) The Classical philosophy of stoicism.
(b) The Renaissance philosophy of humanism.
(c) The Christian doctrine of submission.
(d) The Medieval doctrine of faith.

4. What are the targets of the abusive language in Rabelais' prologue to the Third Book?
(a) Average townsfolk who have imbibed too much wine.
(b) Representatives of old, hypocritical, serious Medieval philosophy.
(c) Members of the aristocracy whose political ideals are not in keeping with Rabelais' ideals.
(d) Foreign travelers who have offended the traditions of Carnival.

5. Carnival allowed:
(a) The endurance of the propriety expected of all social classes.
(b) The mixing of real and unreal, fantasy and fact.
(c) The upper class to oppress relentlessly the lower class.
(d) The peasants to sell their crops without paying taxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gargantua steal the bells of the Notre Dame cathedral?

2. Bakhtin considers "thrashing" ambivalent, rather than strictly negative, because:

3. What common fifteenth- and sixteenth-century literary device does Bakhtin identify in the Prologue to the Third Book?

4. How does Bakhtin define the combination of human and animal organs in Rabelais' novel?

5. The defense of the abbey by Friar John contains:

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