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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rabbit repeatedly try to force upon Janice after church?

2. What does Mr. Springer lend Harry for the funeral?

3. At whom does Harry lash out during the funeral?

4. How does Janice repeatedly describe the look her newborn gave her?

5. To what animal does Mrs. Springer compare Harry when she arrives at the waiting room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel is largely told from Harry Angstrom's point of view, and much of his time is spent contending with the women in his life. Write an essay on Harry's ambivalent attitude toward women in three parts:

Part 1) What does Janice Angstrom represent to her husband throughout the novel? Why are they continually at odds with each other? What does Harry actually like about his wife?

Part 2) On of the strangest and most dangerous relationships that Harry has is with Lucy Eccles What is so precarious about their interactions? What do they seem to want from each other, and what stands in the way of this?

Part 3) To what extend is Ruth Leonard a happy medium for Harry between his wife and someone like Lucy Eccles? Why is he so happy for the time he is with her? What destroys this happiness?

Essay Topic 2

Jack Eccles is one of the more dynamic figures in the novel. He represents a new attitude toward religion and its place in a modern world. Write an essay about Jack Eccles and his struggle with both the extremely traditional view of his vocation (as represented by Reverend Kruppenbach) and the secular modernist view (as represented by his wife). How does Eccles' relationship with Harry make manifest this inner struggle to understand his own faith?

Essay Topic 3

If Harry Angstrom is a child in a man's body, Ruth Leonard becomes a woman very early in her life. She is the pragmatic center of the novel, a survivor. Write an essay about Ruth's objectives throughout the novel. Why does she decide to take Harry back to her apartment, and why does she let him stay? What in her past has prepared her for the worst this man can offer? What does she do when she realizes he has left her, and how does she react when he returns?

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