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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what natural item does Harry silently compare Mrs. Smith's hold on his arm?
(a) A barnacle on a ship
(b) A vine on a wall
(c) A sloth on a branch
(d) Moss on a tree

2. What job has Ruth taken since seeing Harry?
(a) Phoneboard operator
(b) Hostess at a restaurant
(c) Stenographer
(d) Makeup saleswoman

3. What had Rabbit stopped doing since beginning his gardening at Mrs. Smith's?
(a) Washing his hair
(b) Wearing socks
(c) Eating breakfast
(d) Cutting his nails

4. Why does Rabbit make Ruth leave the door open when she uses the toilet?
(a) He wants to make sure she washes her hands
(b) He can't hear her with the door closed
(c) He doesn't want her to put in a diaphragm
(d) He likes to watch her

5. What does Eccles invite Harry to do with him on Tuesday?
(a) Have lunch
(b) Meet with Janice
(c) Go bowling
(d) Go golfing

Short Answer Questions

1. For what ostensible expense does Harry give Ruth fifteen dollars at the end of dinner?

2. Going into Churchtown, what slow-moving vehicle does Harry pass?

3. On what holiday do Ruth and Harry go swimming in this section?

4. How does Rabbit know Ben Shamberger?

5. During what Catholic holy day does this section of reading take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Springer tell Harry when they first talk after Rebecca's death?

2. Describe Harry's dream at the beginning of this section.

3. Why does Harry take off his shoes on his walk up Mt. Judge?

4. Describe Ruth Leonard.

5. What disagreement do Harry and Ruth have regarding religion?

6. Why is Harry annoyed by his conversation with the farmer at the service station?

7. Why does Harry leave Janice at the end of this section?

8. Describe Rabbit's run to the hospital.

9. Describe Janice Angstrom.

10. How does the narration of this section change as Janice gets more drunk?

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