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Doris Pilkington Garimara
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the girls at Moore River wear as shoes?
(a) They do not have shoes.
(b) Thin bark slippers.
(c) Sandals.
(d) Big, heavy snow boots.

2. Why is Molly confident that the tracker will not be able to follow them?
(a) Their footprints will have been washed away by the rain.
(b) He will assume they headed for the train station instead.
(c) They haven't lit any fires or left any signs along the way.
(d) They know he is in a different part of Australia at the moment.

3. Why was Jiigalong established?
(a) As a school to teach Aboriginal children to speak English.
(b) As a settlement for Aborigines.
(c) As a base for maintenance workers on the rabbit-proof fence.
(d) As a colony for new European settlers.

4. How old is Daisy?
(a) Six.
(b) Sixteen.
(c) Thirteen.
(d) Nine.

5. How do the girls keep warm that night?
(a) They sleep in the same bed.
(b) They have to keep moving around instead of sleeping.
(c) They light a fire.
(d) They put on all the clothes they own at once.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gracie leave the other two girls?

2. What makes Molly think the dormitory looks like a jail?

3. Who does the captain hand the girls over to, to be looked after during the voyage?

4. Why is Violet Williams being punished?

5. What is Molly's plan?

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