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Doris Pilkington Garimara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Molly confident that the tracker will not be able to follow them?
(a) They know he is in a different part of Australia at the moment.
(b) They haven't lit any fires or left any signs along the way.
(c) Their footprints will have been washed away by the rain.
(d) He will assume they headed for the train station instead.

2. Why do the girls want to speak up when Miss Campbell introduces them to the staff member?
(a) They want to tell her that they do not want to be separated.
(b) They want to tell her that they are very hungry.
(c) They want to tell her that they are from Jigalong, not Nullagine.
(d) They want to tell her that she pronounced their names wrong.

3. What excuse does Molly give so that the three of them can stay behind when the other girls head out for school?
(a) She says they have forgotten their school books, so they have to go back to their room to get them.
(b) She pretends to still be asleep.
(c) She pretends that Daisy is sick.
(d) She says they need to empty the toilet bucket.

4. What will actually happen to them?
(a) They will be kept in a settlement for half-caste girls for the rest of their lives.
(b) They will be sent to work as servants in England.
(c) They will be imprisoned.
(d) They will be sent further away from their families to work on dairy farms.

5. What do the girls see as they come into the harbor, that makes them homesick?
(a) A huge water tank, like those at the depot at Jigalong.
(b) A food factory with a picture of a yellow chicken on it, which they recognize from food packets given to Aborigine people at Jigalong.
(c) The rabbit-proof fence.
(d) A wheat silo with a picture of a red dingo on it, which they recognize from flour sacks given to Aborigine people at Jigalong.

6. Why does Martha warn the girls not to go near the cave?
(a) There are strange hairy creatures living in it.
(b) It is very dark inside and they might get lost.
(c) It is off limits and they will be punished if they are caught.
(d) It is slippery and dangerous.

7. What are the girls supposed to use as a lavatory?
(a) An outside toilet across the snowy yard.
(b) Nothing; there is no lavatory.
(c) Buckets in the bathroom.
(d) A hole in the corner of the room.

8. What did Mr. Keeling, the Superintendent at Jigalong depot, write in a letter that was ignored?
(a) That the half-caste children would be very unhappy if taken away from their families.
(b) That the Aborigines would become violent if their children were taken away.
(c) That the half-caste children tend more towards black culture than white.
(d) That the half-caste children might be dangerous if placed into white society.

9. On their walk around the grounds, what do they see a group of the children doing near the milking sheds?
(a) Huddling together for warmth.
(b) Stealing extra food.
(c) Trying to escape.
(d) Playing rounders.

10. Who is the captain of the Koolinda, the ship that will take them south to Fremantle?
(a) Captain Smith.
(b) Captain Freeman.
(c) Captain Stirling.
(d) Captain Fremantle.

11. Why does the Protector of Aborigines think there is no point in trying to recapture Molly and Daisy?
(a) They would only keep escaping again, because they know how to survive in the bush.
(b) They would become violent if forced away from their families again.
(c) They would have to be separated or locked up, and this would be worse than being in the bush.
(d) They obviously think of themselves as black.

12. Who volunteers to be their guide at the settlement?
(a) Bill.
(b) Polly Martin.
(c) Edna Green.
(d) Martha Jones.

13. When the girls meet a man on a bike while walking along the fence, what does the man do?
(a) Chases them away from the fence.
(b) Ignores their pleas for food and rides away.
(c) Gives them food, then reports that he saw them.
(d) Captures them and calls the police.

14. Why do new arrivals at the school create hope?
(a) The children hope that the new arrivals might be able to escape.
(b) The children hope that the new arrivals will get picked on instead of them.
(c) The children hope for news from back home.
(d) The children hope that the new arrivals will be their friends.

15. How do Maude's family feel about their new boss, the maintenance inspector?
(a) He is cruel and they hate him.
(b) They do not understand him.
(c) They think he is funny and they often mock him.
(d) They like him and invite him to share meals.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do a group of Aborigine men give the girls?

2. Why are the girls frightened when they get off the boat?

3. How does the grandmother protect the new baby from any evil spirits nearby?

4. What do the girls at Moore River wear as shoes?

5. What precautions do the girls take when they think that their pursuers are close on their trail?

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