Rabbit-proof Fence Short Essay - Answer Key

Doris Pilkington Garimara
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1. Do Kundilla and his people live a good life?

Kundilla's life is different to the life that most people from developed countries are used to, but that does not make it bad. For his people, it is all they have ever known. Kundilla and his people seem happy and peaceful. They work together to find and share food. They have strong family ties and live in a tight-knit community. Kundilla would say that his life is good.

2. Describe life in an Aboriginal tribe.

The Aborigines hunt and trap their own food. They have no shops, and share everything. They do not wear clothes and live in shelters made from branches and bark. Aborigine men appear to have two wives. They live in close-knit clans that have a leader, as well as tribal elders. When teenage Aborigine boys are ready to become men they go off into the bush for a coming of age ritual. The Aboriginal people have a strong connection with the land, and believe in spirits.

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