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Doris Pilkington Garimara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6: The Journey South.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What strange occurrence shatters the peace of the camp?
(a) A loud boom.
(b) A bad storm.
(c) One of the clan goes missing.
(d) A stranger arrives.

2. What kind of weather is it always successful to hunt in?
(a) Rain: the tracks are easy to see, and the animals are less alert.
(b) Misty: the animals can't see the hunters coming.
(c) Sunny: it is easier to see and run in sunny weather.
(d) Windy: the wind blows the hunters' scent away.

3. Why was Jiigalong established?
(a) As a settlement for Aborigines.
(b) As a colony for new European settlers.
(c) As a base for maintenance workers on the rabbit-proof fence.
(d) As a school to teach Aboriginal children to speak English.

4. Why can't Bidgup and Meedo use their usual hunting trails?
(a) They are blocked by fences.
(b) There are houses built on them.
(c) All the animals have been frightened away.
(d) The white people have made hunting illegal.

5. Why does Molly sometimes wish she didn't have light skin?
(a) The other children insult her.
(b) She is afraid she will be taken away.
(c) She thinks darker skin is prettier.
(d) She thinks the spirits will hate her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Constable Riggs hand the girls over to here?

2. Why are the Aboriginals upset that they are being tried under English law?

3. How do the Aboriginal people make Jigalong a permanent 'sitting down place'?

4. Where do they stop off to hand the sick Aboriginal women over to the hospital?

5. Why is Jigalong appealing to the Aborigines?

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