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Doris Pilkington Garimara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6: The Journey South.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Captain Fremantle name the colony?
(a) Swan River Colony.
(b) Jigalong.
(c) Perth.
(d) Moore River Settlement.

2. What do the group have to do in order to adapt to life with white people?
(a) Learn English.
(b) Wash.
(c) Become Christian.
(d) Put clothes on.

3. Why are the women settlers upset?
(a) Because the Aboriginals are not wearing clothes.
(b) Because the rain is destroying their possessions.
(c) Because they are afraid of the Aboriginals.
(d) Because they are hungry.

4. Who does the captain hand the girls over to, to be looked after during the voyage?
(a) Gwen Campbell, the stewardess.
(b) Raymond Baxter, a sailor.
(c) Mimi-Ali, an injured Aborigine woman.
(d) George Johnson, a crewmember.

5. What do Yalbung and Beeboo hear when they are hunting near the river?
(a) Roars of dangerous animals.
(b) Men's voices and cries of frightened women.
(c) A ship's horn.
(d) Gunfire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some mothers choose to do, out of fear that their children will be taken from them?

2. How do the Aboriginal people make Jigalong a permanent 'sitting down place'?

3. Who set up a military base to get rid of the pirates?

4. Why did the Captain crash the ship?

5. What weapons do the Aboriginal men use to hunt with?

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