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Doris Pilkington Garimara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: The Decline of Aboriginal Society.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Bidgup and Meedo worried about?
(a) That the spirits of the ancestors will be angry.
(b) That the white people will declare war on them.
(c) That they will have to work for the white people.
(d) That they will be driven from their lands.

2. Why do the clans gather to set fire to areas of the brush?
(a) For a religious ritual.
(b) To flush out animals, which are caught and eaten.
(c) To drive off the white men.
(d) To clear an area to build houses on.

3. How long is the military outpost there for?
(a) Twenty years.
(b) Five years.
(c) One year.
(d) Two weeks.

4. Who set up a military base to get rid of the pirates?
(a) The Chief Protector of Aborigines.
(b) Captain Fremantle.
(c) Captain Freeman.
(d) Major Edmund Lockyer.

5. How do the white men try to break the Aboriginal culture?
(a) They prevent them from doing their sacred rituals and dances.
(b) They enslave them.
(c) They force them to wear clothes.
(d) They make it illegal for them to have children.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do they justify this?

2. What punishment are Bidgup and Meedo given?

3. What do Yalbung and Beeboo hear when they are hunting near the river?

4. What flag do the soldiers raise on the shore?

5. What animal does Arthur Carberry bring to Australia with him?

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