Daily Lessons for Teaching Rabbit-proof Fence

Doris Pilkington Garimara
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Objective: In this chapter, the reader is introduced to the Aborigine people through Kundilla. This lesson will discuss Kundilla, and explore Aborigine culture.

1) Work in pairs or individually. Ask the students to note down Kundilla's daily activities, how his people carry out normal tasks, how they live and what they do. How do they sleep? How do they interact? Ask them to think about how this is different to their own lives.

2) Class discussion. Compare Aboriginal society to white western society at the time. Draw two columns on the board, one for Aboriginal society and one for white society. Ask the students how Aborigine people live, based on the information that they gathered in the previous task. Write these points in the Aborigine column. Answers should include sleeping in branch and bark shelters, hunting and trapping food, living in clans, having two wives, coming of age rituals...

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