Rabbit-proof Fence Fun Activities

Doris Pilkington Garimara
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Make a collage of a scene from the book using pictures of Australian flowers and wildlife. Encourage the students to use as much color and variety as possible.


Write a poem about one of the following themes: freedom, home, bravery, or what identity means to you.

Create a Scene

In groups, make up and act out a scene in which various characters argue what should be done with the girls. You should include Molly, Maude, the Protector of Aborigines, the Superintendent of Jigalong, and a matron from Moore River. If there are more people in the group you could also include Gracie or Daisy, one of the children from Moore River, and any of the people the girls met on their journey to Moore River.

Artwork - the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Create a piece of art representing the rabbit-proof fence and what it means to the girls...

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