Rabbit-proof Fence Character Descriptions

Doris Pilkington Garimara
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Molly - This person was the eldest of the three girls who escaped from Moore River Settlement School and followed the rabbit-proof fence home. She was the daughter of Maude, an Aborigine woman, and an Englishman, Thomas Craig, who was the rabbit-fence inspector.

Gracie - This person was an eleven year old half-caste Aboriginal girl, who escaped from the Moore River Settlement School along with two other girls. She was scared and wanted to turn around and go back to the school. Later, she split from the other girls to take a train to find her mother.

Daisy - This person was the youngest girl who escaped from the Moore River Settlement School. She returned to her home camp and was never recaptured by the government officials.

Tom Craig - This person was the main inspector of the rabbit-proof fence, who became involved with an Aborigine...

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