Rabbit-proof Fence Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Doris Pilkington Garimara
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Chapter 1: The First Military Post

• An Aborigine man named Kundilla wakes up and carries out his daily tasks, when suddenly he hears a loud boom.

• He remembers how white whalers and sealers once landed on their coast.

• The white men had tricked them and stolen their women.

• Kundilla and some other men explore the noise and see Major Edmund Lockyear and his soldiers setting up a military base.

• These new white men do not hurt the Aborigines, so Kundilla concludes that they are no threat.

Chapter 2: The Swan River Colony

• An Aborigine leader called Yellagonga calls a meeting about the new white people who have arrived on their land.

• He remembers how Captain Fremantle tried to communicate with them, but they did not understand him.

• Captain Fremantle was actually trying to ask permission to name this land Western Australia.

• Now Captain Stirling and a ship full of colonists...

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