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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal does Harry's eyes glitter like?
(a) A fox
(b) A cow
(c) A skunk
(d) A lizard

2. Who does Harry say belongs to the new circle in his life?
(a) The Murketts
(b) The Fosnachts
(c) The Regal's
(d) The Stavros'

3. What was the name of Harry's basketball coach?
(a) Kevin Macdonald
(b) Ronnie Angstrom
(c) Marty Tothero
(d) Jimmy Utopia

4. What part of her body does Pru break in this chapter?
(a) Her leg
(b) Her nose
(c) Her arm
(d) Her neck

5. Why did Ma Springer have to use the good china?
(a) She wanted to do things properly
(b) Their were so many people living together
(c) It is easier to clean
(d) She always does for guests

6. What will Charlie have to do when Nelson comes into the business?
(a) Open a rival business
(b) Move into a higher position
(c) Train him
(d) Step aside

7. What does Pru say Nelson is ashamed of her being?
(a) White
(b) In love
(c) Hot
(d) Pregnant

8. What does the dancer make herself sick on?
(a) Tequila
(b) Cider
(c) Southern Comfort
(d) Sambuca

9. What kind of meeting does Peggy have to attend?
(a) A neighborhood meeting
(b) A anti-arms meeting
(c) A teacher's meeting
(d) A anti-nuclear meeting

10. What kind of party do the Murketts hold in this chapter?
(a) A swingers party
(b) A dinner party
(c) A pool party
(d) A costume party

11. What did Janice decide was bad for her?
(a) The sun
(b) The Pill
(c) Meat
(d) Alcohol

12. Who does Harry say belongs to the old circle in his life?
(a) The Stravos'
(b) The Murketts
(c) The Regals
(d) The Fosnachts

13. What is the color of Thelma's bra?
(a) Purple
(b) Pink
(c) Blue
(d) Cocoa

14. What exercise has Harry started doing?
(a) Push ups
(b) Running
(c) Sit ups
(d) Weight lifting

15. Where do the Angstroms, the Murketts and the Harrosons decide to go on holiday in January?
(a) The Canary Islands
(b) Mexico
(c) Brazil
(d) The Carribean

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Pru ask Nelson if he had sex with?

2. Who does Nelson say he wants to die?

3. Why does Janice think Harry likes Ronnie's crudeness?

4. Where did Pru work in Kent State?

5. Whose party do Nelson and Pru attend in this chapter?

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