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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Webb say does a marriage in?
(a) Repressed anger
(b) Secret affairs
(c) Bad sex
(d) Open affairs

2. What is the color of Thelma's bra?
(a) Blue
(b) Cocoa
(c) Purple
(d) Pink

3. Where do Pru and Nelson's friends hang out?
(a) The Farm House
(b) Laid-Back
(c) Jack inthe Box
(d) The Corner

4. What kind of meeting does Peggy have to attend?
(a) A teacher's meeting
(b) A anti-nuclear meeting
(c) A anti-arms meeting
(d) A neighborhood meeting

5. Why does Janice think Harry likes Ronnie's crudeness?
(a) It reminds of of his basketball days
(b) It reminds him of his younger self
(c) It reminds him of his old coach
(d) It reminds him of his mother

6. What does Harry say he wants to pump it in and die like?
(a) A hog
(b) A male spider
(c) A monkey
(d) A fly

7. What does Harry fear may offend Pru?
(a) His choice of books
(b) His sweating
(c) His swearing
(d) His dress sense

8. What kind of cigarettes does Webb smoke?
(a) Marlboro lights
(b) Embassy
(c) Silk Cuts
(d) Lucky Strikes

9. What state did Charlie take Melanie to before taking her to Ohio?
(a) New York
(b) Florida
(c) Texas
(d) Colorado

10. What did Janice decide was bad for her?
(a) Alcohol
(b) Meat
(c) The Pill
(d) The sun

11. What does Harry say they should have taken up years ago?
(a) Traveling
(b) Golf
(c) Swinging
(d) Poker

12. Which of the characters have never sailed?
(a) Cindy
(b) Thelma
(c) Janice
(d) Harry

13. What special occasion do the characters celebrate in this chapter?
(a) Harry's birthday
(b) Janice's birthday
(c) Nelson and Pru's wedding
(d) Christmas

14. What kind of car does Ma Springer own?
(a) A Corolla
(b) A Maverick
(c) A BMW
(d) A Chrysler

15. What kind of car does Jamie Nunemacher buy?
(a) A Maverick
(b) A Corolla
(c) A BMW
(d) A Espace

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Harry and Janice put all over the bed before they make love?

2. Where do the characters have dinner?

3. What does Harry think his wife and their friends will tease him about?

4. What will Charlie have to do when Nelson comes into the business?

5. Where do the newlyweds spend their honeymoon?

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