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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Janice think Harry likes Ronnie's crudeness?
(a) It reminds him of his old coach
(b) It reminds him of his younger self
(c) It reminds him of his mother
(d) It reminds of of his basketball days

2. What special occasion do the characters celebrate in this chapter?
(a) Harry's birthday
(b) Christmas
(c) Nelson and Pru's wedding
(d) Janice's birthday

3. What does the dancer make herself sick on?
(a) Cider
(b) Sambuca
(c) Southern Comfort
(d) Tequila

4. Why did Harry's coach like Ronnie better?
(a) He never quit trying
(b) He was a better player
(c) He always played well when it mattered
(d) He was gutsy

5. Where do the characters have lunch after sailing?
(a) In the park
(b) By the pool
(c) In a restaurant
(d) In the hotel lounge

6. Whose party do Nelson and Pru attend in this chapter?
(a) Fat's
(b) Plod's
(c) Slim's
(d) Formby's

7. Who does Cindy say got fresh with her?
(a) Harry
(b) A teenager
(c) A colored boy
(d) The hotel manager

8. Why did Harry switch from brandy to beer?
(a) He was feeling sick
(b) He was feeling too horny
(c) He was talking too much
(d) He had a drunken flashback

9. What kind of car does Pru own?
(a) A Toyota Corolla
(b) A Ford Cosworth
(c) A Plymouth Valiant
(d) A Station Wagon

10. Which of the characters have never sailed?
(a) Janice
(b) Thelma
(c) Harry
(d) Cindy

11. What will Charlie have to do when Nelson comes into the business?
(a) Train him
(b) Open a rival business
(c) Move into a higher position
(d) Step aside

12. What exercise has Harry started doing?
(a) Weight lifting
(b) Running
(c) Push ups
(d) Sit ups

13. What did Harry used to keep in his bedside drawer?
(a) Money
(b) Pills
(c) Porn magazines
(d) Condoms

14. Why did Ma Springer have to use the good china?
(a) It is easier to clean
(b) She always does for guests
(c) Their were so many people living together
(d) She wanted to do things properly

15. What is Charlie's surname?
(a) Hrabel
(b) Muhill
(c) Juan
(d) Stravos

Short Answer Questions

1. What does is the name of the song the calypso singer sings at Harry's table?

2. Who does Pru ask Nelson if he had sex with?

3. What kind of singer sings at the buffet?

4. What kind of car does Ma Springer own?

5. What does Nelson call Ma Springer?

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